Bahari Blue #24: The Phenomenal Art of Stanley Stanch Obende

June 1, 20203 min read

Stanley Stanch Obende is an award-winning illustrator, storyboard artist, letterer, colorist, comic book creator and concept artist from Nigeria. Stanch is a juggernaut who has lent his inks to several top-rated comics in Africa. These include all of the books by Etan Comics, Guardian Prime, Ireti, Visionary, Uhuru: Legend of the Windriders, Avonome, Itan (Comic Republic), Barikisu, Moon Dust (Epoch Comics), Strike Guard (Spoof Comics) among others. He’s also the co-creator of Avonome.

Stanley’s linework is phenomenal and has seen other artists like Etubi Onucheyo color his work. It also earned the number 1 spot in Comic Bandit’s top 10 Nigerian comic artists ranking.

Outside of the continent, he has worked in varying roles on books such as 20s A Difficult Age: The Blue Madja together with Mohammed Agbadi.

Get to know Stanley a bit more in this interview by Etan Comics here.

Enjoy the Stanch’s phenomenal artwork.

Avonome by Stanch
Avonome by Stanley Obende
Shihan Lebron by Stanch
Shihan Lebron by Stanley Obende
Superboy and Robin illustration by Stanch Obende
Superboy and Robin illustration by Stanley Stanch Obende
Jember by Etan Comics
Jember published by Etan Comics
Ireti Bidemi comic book character illustrated by Stanley Stanch Obende
Ireti Bidemi comic book character
Guardian Prime by Stanch
Guardian Prime by Stanley “Stanch” Obende
Page from Barikisu with line and pencils by Stanch
Page from Barikisu (Epoch Comics) with line and pencils by Stanch
comic book cover of Hawi illustrated by Stanley Obende for Etan Comics
Cover of Nommo nominated comic book, Hawi
Avonome by Stanch
Avonome by Stanch
Mumu Juju fan art by Stanley Obende
Mumu Juju fan art by Stanley Obende
Visionary Ascension by Comic Republic
Visionary Ascnescion artwork. Colors by Tobe Ezeogu

See more of Stanley’s work on Instagram and Behance.

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