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The Creative Pot is an initiative to help creatives thrive. It’s a no-strings-attached fund for creatives to help them with money and access to essential resources. Projects submitted will be vetted by an appointed jury. Selected projects will be contacted via e-mail and announced on Squid Mag’s Instagram page.

Kindly help us, help you, by filling this super short form. More details on the Creative Pot after the form below.

What is the Creative Pot?

Imagine a utopia where creative people in Ghana had access to all the help they could get in order for them to thrive in their careers, grow the industry to worldwide standards, and be empowered to be their best creative selves without worry.

This is the dream we have, and that is why we’re starting this fund.

We’re creating a fund that will take up the mantle of helping creatives solve their money problems as it relates to their creative fields, fund great projects, and help them thrive. There will be no strings attached but one; whoever receives aid from the fund must prove to us that we didn’t waste resources on them.

Our Jury

The panel for our first run is made up of 3 talented creators across animation, character design and illustration.

The panel is made up of Kofi Ofosu (character designer), Natasha Nayo (animator) and Fanny Laba (illustrator and designer).

Find out more about The Creative Pot fund here.