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July 4, 20249 min read

Creative Beans June 2025 Issue

June has been an exciting month of creative revelation and finding some amazing African talent, most of which I’ve never known until now. I hope you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was going through curating this list.

Most of them can be found in the filmmaking, motion design, art and branding spaces. Not time wasting in the intro this month. In no particular order, let’s dive right in!

PS: If you’re reading this and you know some cool African creatives we should follow, don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the end of the piece. tenkyew.

Larnor 🇬🇭

This guy we’ve been following for a while, from his daily adinkra symbol renders, to coming back this year with even more mindblowing daily 3D loops. It’s very difficult to be consistent at anything at all, let alone doing daily 3D animated renders. For that, i really respect this guy and his work and i think he’s going far. All the fun little loops can be found here. Dive in.

Derek Amoah 🇬🇭

Never had so much fun watching construction work videos till i came accross this series of reels by Derek Amoah. A Ghanaian filmmaker with some international experience as well. I was surprised to also discover that he’s one of the most popular beatmakers in the country (Drumroll) He’s indeed a man of many creative talents. Here’s a snippet of the project, but feel free to enter his instagram page for some more amazing work.

Desmond Dankwah 🇬🇭

Desmond is a web designer and a digital product designer currently exploring lots of interractive tools and experiences in web and product design. He embarked on a project in February where he decided to build one widget/product/intarractive exploration a day all through the month. This was interesting on its own, but he decided to take it a step further. He’s built a framer website where all the fun stuff he built are hosted. It’s quite an interesting way to show your work and i haven’t seen anything like it. Feel free to check out the website here and go through the projects. You’ll love it.

DatArtGod 🇬🇭

As his first public piece after a tragic couple of weeks, ArtGod dropped a banger of a project (as always) featuring another Ghanaian artist, Jayworks. He’s responsible for a lot of art and creative direction for lots of artists in the African music space. The project featured in the article is something he worked on for King Promise’s TGMA performance. It’s interesting to see how art and music are now seamlessly growing together in our generation thanks to people like him driving this in their space. Check out some more of his work here.

Motion graphics by a 🇬🇭

Adelaide is a 3D artist and motion designer in ghana doing some interesting work in the space. Her animated presentation of the Fintrust brand identity designed by Mann caught our attention last month. We watched it a number of times because it was that good, and it brought some more life to a project we’d already seen (and featured previously). Feel free to take a stroll on her page here for some more work.

Afolabi Akinwunmi 🇳🇬

Another incredible motion designer with quite the interesting style. Haven’t really seen many motion designers attempt to do the stuff this guy does because it just seems more complex and difficult to pull off properly. Check out his Behance page, you’ll understand what I mean. But i’m glad i stumbled on him on linkedin because i’m learning so much from his style and the kind of work he does.

Mr. Bannerman 🇬🇭

One of the few ambitious 3D animators in Ghana who do character animation. He’s the animation director at Creo Concepts Gh. (my old family, shoutouts to them) and there, they do some pretty amazing productions and tell fun relatable stories. The feature project here is a real life story that seeks to bring awareness to sickle cell. I think it’s an important story to bring to light and to educate people on. Go watch the film here, and check out Mr. Bannerman’s work here.

Kwame Black 🇬🇭

Kwame Black is a well renowned filmmaker and cinematographer in Ghana. He’s worked on quite a number of very beautiful films, ads and music videos. Some of which i’m sure you’ve seen before. Today we feature a short film he worked on (with a full team of course. Credits in the post here) and i just love the visual execution of the story, the direction and artistry that went into it. It’s a film about fatherhood, and even though i don’t agree with everything the film stands for, I still think it’s a good film everyone must see. You can check out the production here, and some more of Kwame’s stuff here.

Lankai Lamptey 🇬🇭

I’m so happy i came accross this guy on twitter (yes i still call it twitter) His work has been all kinds of motivation since i came accross this project we’re about to speak of in the article. Animation is hard as we all know. To do personal projects in animation, even harder. But this guy decided to start animating the logos of every single country present at this year’s Euro tournament and i just loved engaging with every single one of them. I know I would’ve gotten tired at a point and just quit lol. You can check out the full project here. It includes some BTS, project files and assets as well. Check it out!

Bolarinwa Timi 🇳🇬

Timi is a visual designer who released a very interesting project that brought us some beautifuk nostalgia. He took us down memory lane on the evolution of the mobile phone. We particularly love the style chosen for the animation, the sound design and the story in general. Check out more of Timi’s work here and feel free to check out the full video here.

Who was your favorite? leave a comment let us know. ☺️

We hope you enjoyed last month’s list and that you’re adding some cool creatives to your social feed for inspiration. Meet us here same time next month for your monthly dose of dope creatives to follow.

If you’re a creative person reading this, we’re building something cool for you.

Otherwise, run along and have an awesome June. See ya next month!

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