Frame X Frame Animation Nights

Frame x Frame Animation Nights or just FxF is a curated screening of animated short films from across the world in Accra.

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The event brings together animators, illustrators, animation enthusiasts and like minded people together in Accra for a night of screenings, networking, relevant conversations and a bundle of fun and entertainment.

It is organized by Squid Mag in collaboration with Lime & Honey, and is curated by members of both organizations/collectives.

The maiden edition held in 2020 at Bedrock Lounge in Airport and was curated by Kadi Yao Tay and ed, while the second edition held in 2023 at Eden Bar in Tesano and was curated by ed. (Lime x Honey) and Kofi Sydney Asare (Squid Mag).

The maiden edition of the FxF will be curated by Kadi Yao Tay (Squid Mag) and ed. (Lime & Honey).

The goal of this event is to disrupt the animation industry in Ghana by offering more opportunities for animators to have their work publicly screened. This is a complement to other events such as the Accra Animation Film Festival. It also aims to change the perception in Ghana that animation is only for kids and to foster community within the animation space in Accra.

History of Frame x Frame Animation Nights

Frame x Frame Animation Nights started as an idea by Kadi Yao Tay to host an intimate night with a few friends, watching different publicly available animated shorts on YouTube and Vimeo.

This was a way to connect with other like-minded animation lovers and to celebrate (read geek out on) this medium. Additionally, there was also the desire to get insights into what Ghanaian (and by extension African) animation lacks, what audiences want and how it can be improved.

The first edition of the event was supposed to be on a rooftop. The logistics of finding one and executing were difficult and slowed things down and this approach has been changed to possibly be reconsidered at a later time.

Frame x Frame 01

Frame x Frame Animation Nights 01

FxF 01 held at Bedrock Lounge (formerly Temporary Garden) on Osibisa Close, Airport Residential Area, Accra. This maiden edition saw the screening of films across multiple genres with a central theme of love, in line with Valentine’s Day which was just a day prior.

The screening had a mix of Ghanaian, African and global films, with student films from Gobelins a highlight.

Frame x Frame 02

Frame x Frame Animation Nights 02 Poster

The second edition of Frame x Frame returned after a 3-year hiatus, bigger and better. This edition which held at Eden Bar, Ghana’s only non-alcoholic bar saw over 100 patrons come through. This edition focused on films from Africa only and had a good mix of films from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and other countries.

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This edition comprised of a Sketch Jam (a second edition), a fireside chat around animation, VR screenings, a comic book bar, the main screening and a late night sip and paint (curated by Michale Nartey of The Color Wine).

See a recap below.

Frame x Frame 03

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Frame x Frame Animation Nights 3 Thumbnail

The third edition of FxF was an expansion move, with a bigger venue, more partners and an even larger crowd of creators and animation enthusiasts. This edition saw over 300 patrons attend, enjoying an exciting evening of animated films, comic books, VR games and films, as well as video games.

Frame x Frame Animation Nights 3 Promo Video

This edition had a major collaboration with Untamed Empire, Triggerfish Animation Studios, NubianVR, LimeAR, Dobiison VR, Comic Book Store and Enil Art.

Frame x Frame 04

Frame x Frame Animation Nights 4

The next edition of Frame x Frame Animation Nights is planned for November 30, and will happen at the Untamed Empire.

FxF is a free event and will remain so until it’s no longer viable.

Frame x Frame Animation Nights is not a film festival. If anything, it’s a meet-up of animation lovers but could potentially morph into an animation festival. We’ll see.