Frame x Frame Animation Nights (FxF) is an exciting event that features a carefully curated selection of animated short films from all over the world, held in the vibrant city of Accra. The second edition of this event was a huge success, attracting a large audience of animation enthusiasts to Ghana’s only non-alcoholic bar, Eden Bar.

This edition was curated by ed. (Lime & Honey) and Kofi Asare (Squid Mag) and focused on African animation. Frame x Frame Animation Nights brought together animators, illustrators, film enthusiasts and other players in the industry for a night of screenings, networking, and fun.

The night kicked off with a Sketch Jam, where participants freely expressed themselves by doodling with markers on sketch pads. Participants came up with adorable creations that showcased how they were feeling along with their creativity.

Sketch Jam 02 at Frame x Frame Animation Nights at Eden Bar Tesano. Facilitated by Ziwu Prince
Sketch Jam facilitated by Ziwu Prince | ????: Ivy Gbeze

This was followed by a fireside chat on the animation scene in Ghana, which sparked discussions on whether Ghana and Africa as a whole can produce top-notch animations.

The screenings officially began with a range of short films, from the classic Ghana by Gyimah Gariba to the hilarious Dawn of Sapa Justice League parody, which was met with thunderous applause from the audience. Several homegrown animated films also appeared, including Natasha Nayo’s Message Beats, Animax FYB’s Room 5, and Indigene Bros’s Black Queens.

Each film was received with great enthusiasm, and the audience was highly engaged throughout the night.

In between screenings, the audience had the chance to grab snacks and drinks while networking with each other. They chatted about their favorite moments from the films and discussed their opinions on animation as an art form.

The screening night was a huge success, providing a fantastic opportunity for people to come together and appreciate the artistry and creativity of animated films.

The event also featured comic book and VR presentations, adding an extra dimension to the experience. The comic book presentation showcased a range of comic books from various artists and publishers, while the VR presentation gave attendees the opportunity to explore new technologies and experiences.

Ghanaian male comic book lover checking out comics at the Comic Bar at Frame x Frame Animation Nights
Patron checking out comics at the Comic Bar | ???? Ivy Gbeze

The goal of Frame x Frame Animation Nights is to disrupt the animation industry in Ghana by offering more opportunities for animators to have their work publicly screened. This event complements other events, such as the Accra Animation Film Festival, and aims to change the perception in Ghana that animation is only for kids. It also fosters community within the animation space in Accra.

Welcome placard at Frame x Frame Animation Nights that reads Animation is Not for Kids Only You Bloody Bastards. Welcome by the way,we're ice people, WE PROMISE. Lol.
Animation is Not for Kids Only PSA designed by Ziwu Prince | ???? Ivy Gbeze

It’s important to note that the event came back after a long hiatus, so support from companies and foreign development agencies is crucial to make this event possible quarterly. Their contributions and investments in the arts help to nurture and showcase emerging talent, create job opportunities, and promote cultural exchange. We hope to see more collaborations and partnerships between these entities and the animation community so that we can continue to bring quality content and entertainment.

Overall, the screening event was a diverse and engaging experience, with something for everyone to enjoy. We can’t wait for the third edition and hope to see even more exciting films, presentations, and discussions.

Thank you for joining us at Frame x Frame Animation Nights!

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