Bahari Blue #32: The Spicy Hot Illustrations of Dissirama

January 16, 20232 min read

Dissirama Laba is an illustrator, designer and entertaining content creator. Her work features bold, vibrant colors, which somehow, evoke a strong sense of softness that’s typical of pastel colorways.

When you think wonderful illustrations for UX/UI projects for websites and apps, social media posts and even animation, Rama is your plug.

Rama has an interesting origin story where art and doodling was just a hobby until she turned pro and started serving all of this spicy deliciousness. This pivot in her career has landed her gigs with clients like design software maker, InVision as well as the African Union among others. Last year, she was nominated Illustrator of the Year in the second annual Artpreciate Awards in Ghana.


Hot Summer Day
Personal Work
Vlisco Girls
Illustration of a black woman with a large afro with the words Don't Touch My Hair plastered on it. Illustration by Dissirama Laba via Dribbble
Don’t Touch My Hair via Dribbble
Natural Hair Day by Dissirama Laba for EvaNYC
Natural Hair Day by Dissirama Laba for EvaNYC
Brown skin girl illustration by Dissirama Laba
Brown Skin Girl by Rama Laba
Confidence boost
Confidence Boost
Nah Fam

See more of Dissirama’s’ work on Instagram, Dribbble and commission her via her illustration portfolio website.

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