Bahari Blue #27: The Afro Cyberpunk Art of Fanuel Leul

June 13, 20202 min read

Fanuel Leul, a graphic designer, illustrator and character designer in Ethiopia. Fanuel graduated from Alle School of Addis Fine Art and Design. His most recent works explore a future version of Africa where technology is seamlessly embedded in daily life. Fanuel shares a similar afrofuturist lens with Cyrus Kabiru who tinkers with metal and plastic to produce extravagant, afrofuturist glasses.

Allure Ethiopia describes one of his pieces this way, “this amazing piece by Fanuel Leul is an Ethiopian fused futuristic digital artwork that has specific lighting and environment that gives the viewer an ominous feeling which is a great addition to the local concept art scene.”

Leul is the founder of Qedamawi, is a comic book reflection of the tales of African heroes. Qedamawi is an ongoing comic book project which explores Ethiopian history and showcases the country as the land of the brave.

Enjoy Fanuel’s African future vision below.

Art by Fanuel Leul
Afrofuturist illustration by Fanuel Leul
Man and Robot
Illustration by Fanuel Leul of two Afronauts looking keeping away from covid 19 from space.
Of faith and fire within us, history is proof.
Of faith and fire within us, history is proofby Fanuel Leul
Futuristic Africa illustration by Fanuel Leul
Futuristic Africa illustration by Fanuel Leul
The Black Pearl by Fanuel Leul
The Black Pearl by Fanuel Leul
Time Shepher by Fanuel Leul
Time Shepher by Fanuel Leul
We owe it to the future to protect an afrofuturist illustration by Fanuel Leul
“We owe it to the future to protect”
Afrofuturist Art of Fanuel Leul
Adwa character design by Fanuel Leul
Qedamawi character design by Fanuel Leul

See more of Fanuel Leul’s work on Instagram.

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