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African Comics, Games and Animation

Cédric Minlo and Darius Dada, creators of Android Night creators
Android Night: A Comic Showcasing Yaoundé’s Colourful Nightlife 

Superheroes, epic adventures, fantasy are words that quickly float to mind when you think of comic books. In Africa, this…

Cover of Aje #3 published by Comic Republic
Aje #3 is Balancing the Scales: An African Comic Review 

Aje is masterfully crafted piece which testifies to the skill, ability and love poured into it by Comic Republic that doesn’t shy away from being African.

Red Origins by Kolanut Productions
Who’s Making Comics In Nigeria? 

There was a time in my life when I thought Nigerian comic books were nonexistent; the only comics I knew…

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Samuel Kabali
Samuel Kabali: The Ugandan Creative Telling Africa’s Stories Via Animation 

Samuel Kabali is the founder of Tonda Animation who’s beating all odds and telling unique stories through animation in Uganda. Story by Joan Salmon for Monitor Uganda….

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