stikk! fest

stikk! fest is a celebration of the art of sticker design, creation and usage, as well as graphic design through posters. The first edition of this festival will feature the works of 15 artists from Ghana, working primarily in the digital art space.

stikk! fest is part-exhibition and part-marketplace for stickers and posters. The festival will feature some of the best designers in Accra and will showcase print versions of their art as well as the incredible posters they’ve designed. The festival will also showcase bold and beautiful event posters (past & present). 

Predominantly, however, the festival will highlight the beautiful art form that is stickers which are great for decorating our nifty gadgets, our books and in some cases, even walls. 

Activities to look forward to include artist alley, animation screenings, doodle contest, live printing demos, live drawing sessions, graffiti, talks and lots and lots and lots of networking!