African Animated Music Videos (AAMV)

June 15, 20199 min read

Seen any African animated music videos?

Music is what gets us through the rough days, the pleasant ones and everything in-between. Then there’s animation. We ❤️❤️❤️ animation. Imagine a blend of our favorite songs in one of our favorite visual mediums! Now that’s a kicker! Combine the two and you’ve won our hearts!

Inspired by Kadi Yao Tay’s work curating animated music videos with Diana Rosu for the maiden Accra Animation Film Festival (AAFFia), we’ve curated some of the coolest animated music videos from Africa we could find below for your viewing pleasure.

Why not just create a YouTube playlist of African animated music videos? That’s fantastic and we do in fact, have one. Problem is, it doesn’t really show up in Google searches. Our site has more SEO juice than our YouTube page so we figured we’d just create this page to leverage on that. But since you asked, you can check that playlist out at the end of this post or at this link. While you’re at it, subscribe to our YouTube channel.?

This is a constantly growing list of African animated music videos and will be updated as we come across them. Feel free to comment amazing videos we’ve missed and we’ll happily include them here.


African Animated Music Videos 2016 – 2020

Dor d’um Kriolu – June Freedom x Nelson Freitas [Cape Verde] (2020)

Bella Alubo – Loneliest Girl in the World [Nigeria] (2020)

Baby – Di’Ja (animation by Awele Emeli) [Nigeria] (2019)

The Book Of Legends/Book Of War – Delø & Jason Nkanga (animation by Victor Enam [Nigeria] (2019)

Galamsey – K Steez – Ghana (animation by Parables Animation in promotion of Mighty Joo Evinronmental Crusader Cartoon Series[Ghana] (2019)

Attention – Mr. Eazi ft Lotto Boyz (animation by Poka Studios) (2019)


Talk – Falz (animation by Kanso Ogbolu for OBK Studios) [Nigeria](2019)

Stone – Worlasi [Ghana] (2019)

Economy – Magnom ft. Nshona Muzick (animated by EbienStudios) [Ghana]

Bembelezu – FRD (animation by FRD – The Angry Panda) [Ghana](2018)

The Legendary Skit – FRD (animation by FRD – The Angry Panda) [Ghana] (2018)

Gbang Gbai – Praye [Ghana] (2018)

Booze High – Worlasi ft. Juls [Ghana] (2018)

Read our breakdown, decoding Booze High.

I Am King – Gemini ft M3dal (animated by Parables Animation) [Ghana] (2018)

Poverty Die – Olamide (animated by Poka Studios) [Nigeria & Ghana] (2018)

Have a Party – Jayso (animated by Indigene BROS) [Ghana] (2017)

Cartoon – Worlasi (animated by Lor) [Ghana & Cameroon] (2017)

Ride With Me – Edem ft Seyi Shay (animated by Poka Studios) [Ghana] (2017)

Hallelujah Yesu – Worlasi (animation by Adam Toutoungi) [USA & Ghana] (2017)

Mesan Agye Wo – Akwaboah (animated by Poka Studios) [Ghana] (2017)

Love No Go Die – Olamide [Nigeria] (2017)

Gwarn  –  Juls ft. Burna Boy [Ghana] (2017)

The Journey – Black Coffee [South Africa] (2017)

Nigeria Fiful – Mike Aremu (animated by Strokes and Curves Animation) [Nigeria] (2017)

Wakayima – Coopy Bly [Uganda] (2017)

Rambo – Culoe De Song [South Africa] (2017)

Ghost – Maurice Kirya ft. Ruyonga (animated by X-Toons Animation) [Uganda] (2016)

Little Monsters – Jayso ft. Sarkodie [Ghana] (2016)

Mwako Wa Hiti” by Mukarara Les Les [Kenya] (2016)


Animation in African Music Videos 2010 – 2015

Let ’em Know Now – Jayso & Sarkodie [Ghana]

We Come Together – Goldfish [South Africa]

Check out these 8-bit styled music video animations from Africa.

Black Star – Richy Pitch M.anifest (directed by Tom Jackson)

We consider this one of the top 5 animated music videos from Ghana.

Always – Beymoda [Nigeria] (2015)

Atomic Bomb – Onyeabor (2013)

Fire – Chase [Ghana] (2015)

Official Action Film – MI ft Brymo (animated by JO King) [Nigeria] (2011)

My Kinda Girl – D Black ft Sarkodie (animated by JO King) [Nigeria & Ghana] (2011)

La Vida – Mi Casa [South Africa] (2012)

Bad Man He Coming – Mr. Cat & The Jackal [South Africa] (2011)

2-Sides Kid Fonque [South Africa](2013)

Tell ‘Em – Jeed Rogers ft. Mugeez (animation by Toon Toom) [Ghana] (2012)

Faith – Jeed Rogers ft. Rosel (animation by Majeed “Jeed Rogers” Buari) [Ghana] (2014)

Ring The Alarm – Etcetera [Nigeria] (2011)

Power – GNL Zamba [Uganda] (2012, touted as Uganda’s first animated music video)

Murder Me – Radio & Weasel (animation by BulletHole Animation) [Uganda](2013)


Want It All – FRD (animation by FRD) [Ghana] (2013)


Classic African Animated Music Videos Pre 2010

Iwinyo Piny – Just a Band [Kenya] (2008)

Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World – Johnny Cleg [South Africa] (2007)

Dome Wu – Kojo Antwi [Ghana] (possibly Ghana’s first animated music video)

Philomena – Tic Tac [Ghana] (1999)

Ijoya – Weird MC [Nigeria] (2006 touted as Nigeria’s first animated music video)

Squid Mag Playlist of African Animated Music Videos

Since you’re here, check out our picks for the top 5 Ghanaian animated music videos of all time, our throwback post to all the Ghanaian animated music videos from 2017, it’s quite a lot and has Ghanaian animator Poka all over it, and this breakdown of Worlasi’s Booze High animated music video, as well as our exciting list of 8-bit animated music videos from Africa that we’re forever digging.

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