AVIJOZI: Chocolate Tribe’s Commitment to Creative Collaboration and Social Impact

July 13, 20235 min read

In the dynamic world of technology, businesses have the power to create extraordinary experiences and influence positive change. Chocolate Tribe understands this power and has launched AVIJOZI, an inspiring corporate social responsibility initiative that fosters creative collaboration and social impact. This initiative reflects Chocolate Tribe’s commitment to using its expertise to connect, uplift, and make a lasting difference in the creative community and beyond.

Connecting Creatives and Industry Enthusiasts:

AVIJOZI Festival 2023

At its core, AVIJOZI is a free-of-charge festival that serves as a platform to connect creatives, technicians, software developers, AI researchers, artists, writers, directors, producers, students, VFX and animation studios, and industry enthusiasts from South Africa and beyond. The festival creates a vibrant space for knowledge exchange, skill development, collaboration, and inspiration. AVIJOZI features workshops, panel discussions, masterclasses, and networking opportunities, empowering attendees to learn, grow, and forge meaningful connections within the industry.

AVIJOZI is Nosipho Maketo-van den Bragt (Chocolate Tribe CEO & Owner) latest brainchild that started in 2021 and the first event successfully took place in June 2022. AVIJOZI as an initiative, is in partnership with Netflix and its primary goal is to open up opportunities for young people from all walks of life and elevate this industry so that young talent is cultivated within South Africa and Africa at large. It is also meant for industry professionals who embrace the vision of sharing their expertise and growing this fast-emerging creative space. As a co-founder and CEO of Chocolate Tribe, Nosipho continues to advocate for growth, diversity, and skills development in this space. 

Promoting Innovation and Skill Development:

AVIJOZI embraces the spirit of innovation and skill development. Chocolate Tribe believes in the power of continuous learning and growth within the creative field. As part of the festival, AVIJOZI offers workshops and masterclasses led by local and international industry experts, enabling attendees to enhance their technical skills, explore cutting-edge technologies, and stay ahead of the curve. By fostering a culture of innovation, AVIJOZI empowers creatives to push boundaries, spark creativity, and create groundbreaking visual experiences.

Addressing Social Challenges and Diversity:

While AVIJOZI celebrates the creative industry, it also recognizes its responsibility to address social challenges and promote diversity. Chocolate Tribe acknowledges the importance of inclusivity and representation within the creative community. As part of the festival, AVIJOZI also showcases the work of underrepresented artists and provides a platform for marginalized voices to be heard. By nurturing diversity and supporting emerging talents, AVIJOZI cultivates a more inclusive, equitable creative ecosystem and sustainable growth.

According to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) for the first quarter of 2022, the unemployment rate was 63,9% for those aged 15-24 and 42,1% for those aged 25-34 years, while the current official national rate stands at 34,5%.

Through this initiative, by addressing the challenges faced by our youth, such as unemployment, education disparities, poverty, and social inequality – AVIJOZI aims to be the catalyst that sparks significant local and international interest in animation, VFX, and interactive spaces.

Chocolate Tribe recognises the pressing need to protect the environment and reduce its ecological footprint. AVIJOZI embraces environmental sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices throughout the festival. From minimizing waste to promoting recycling and utilizing energy-efficient technologies, AVIJOZI strives to make a positive environmental impact. By fostering awareness and encouraging sustainable behaviors, AVIJOZI as an event sets an example for the creative industry and promotes a greener future.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

AVIJOZI’s impact is magnified through collaboration and partnerships. Chocolate Tribe actively collaborates with universities, industry organisations, and local communities to ensure the festival’s success. By joining forces, AVIJOZI, and its partners create an ecosystem that supports creativity, nurtures talent, and drives positive change. Through these connections, AVIJOZI paves the way for future collaborations, mentorship opportunities, and sustained growth within the creative industry.

AVIJOZI is a testament to Chocolate Tribe’s unwavering commitment to creative collaboration, social impact, and environmental sustainability. By providing a platform for knowledge exchange, skill development, and networking.

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