Comic Con Ghana anyone?

December in Ghana is back again and with it, the horrible traffic, inflated Uber costs, wild parties, awesome concerts, festivals, and the much needed connecting and re-connecting with beautiful souls from all across the world.

NerdCon Accra Mixer 2021

It’s all fun until you realize, wait a sec, there’s nothing specifically for anime-watching, cosplay-making, screen-tapping, button-thumping and comic-reading and fun-loving superheroes (and villains 😈) this December. Or is there?

We’ve gathered all Infinity Stones so all negative vibes will be snapped away.

Thanos Snap GIFs | Tenor

Nerds assemble.

On December 11th, 2021, NerdCon Accra invites you to the NerdCon Mixer at iSpace Accra (directions at the end).

The NerdCon Mixer is a one-day event dedicated to an immersion into the global nerd culture. It’s a gathering of otakus, gamers, streamers, cosplayers, nerds, and all your favorite weirdos for a day of gaming retributions, cosplay showcase, wholesome conversations, and fun, engaging activities.

Show up as your favorite characters, up your gamer rep by utterly destroying noobs, let’s debate the greatest heroes ever, meet your favorite artists and makers (yes, there’ll be an artists alley and panels hosted by Squid Mag’s Kadi Tay), trade comics and anime, and let’s have fun! Stock up on all kinds of merch from the shapers of nerd culture in Accra peddling gaming gear, toys, comics, posters, accessories, costumes and more.

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Love Squid Game? Peeerf!

There’ll be a Squid Game parody competition running, offering the bravest participants an opportunity to win unique prizes (we can’t promise you won’t be killed).

Tickets are extremely limited but you still have a chance to grab one with this link.

Anyone interested in selling or getting a booth can contact the NerdCon Accra team via WhatsApp (click here).

The night is fast approaching people but the day has only just begun. Like Kugali’s Nyasha Mugavazi says, nerd raves are a vibe. So be there.


Check out pics from previous NerdCons below.

NerdCon Accra partners include Squid Mag, eSports Prime Arena and Play Province. Vendors so far include Ito-Ya Japanese Restaurant, Nerd Needs, consoul, Comic Store Gh, Barber A Papa Threads, and Jaydn Blends.

nerdcon mixer 2021 vendors

Directions to iSpace Accra for NerdCon Mixer