African Animation Festivals

African animation festivals are often the only way most people experience animation from the continent. There are a number of festivals across the continent that spotlight creators, the latest projects, offer training and collaborative opportunities among artists.

This page was set up to help you identify the film festivals that focus primarily on animation from Africa.

List of African Animation Festivals

EventCountryOrganizersCore TeamYear Founded/Launched
Cape Town International Animation FestivalSouth AfricaAnimation South AfricaDiane Makings, Shani Campbell2012
Kenya Animation FestivalKenya
Accra Animation Film FestivalGhanaKadi Yao Tay, Diana Rosu2019
Africa Animation AwardsKenyaSeventy Two Media2019
Lagos International Festival of AnimationNigeriaMuyiwa Kayode, Kunle Ajose, Adebimpe Adebambo2016
FUPiTOONS African Animation FestivalSouth AfricaAfrican Animation NetworkComfort Arthur, Nick Wilson2018
Yaoundé African Cinema Animation (CANIMAF) Cameroon
African Animation Festival (ANIMAFRIK)GhanaSam Quartey
LogoKwetu International Animation Film Festival (KIAFF)Tanzania
Cairo Animation ForumEgypt
RENDACON (Animation and Visual Effects Film Festival)NigeriaAyodele Elegba
Festuvak du Film d’Animation d’Abidjan (FFAA)Côte d’IvoireAbel N. Kouame, Mathilde Koblan
AVIJOZI (Animation, Visual Effects)South AfricaNosipho Maketo-van den Bragt2022

Animation Festivals in Africa

Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF)

South African Film Festival.

Accra Animation Film Festival (AAFFia)

The Accra Animation Film Festival (AAFFia)

FUPiTOONS African Animation Festival

FUPiTOONS Festival by Comfort Arthur and Nick Wilson. Of all African animation festivals, this is the only one focusing on children.

FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL is a children’s festival aimed at audiences 2 to 12 years. It’s an initiative of Ghanaian animator, Comfort Arthur and is organized by the African Animation Network. FUPI is a Swahili adjective meaning: “SHORT”. Thus, short toons, but for kids.

African Animation Festival (ANIMAFRIK)

ANIMAFRIK is an animation festival dedicated to African and Caribbean animation and designed to promote its  Art and animation. The festival projects films by African and Caribbean Animators on the continent and in the Diaspora. The festival has screening sessions, workshops and conferences.

Lagos International Festival of Animation (LifAnima)

Lagos International Festival of Animation Festival

Lagos International Festival of Animation (LIFANIMA) is one of the major animation festivals on the African continent, hosted in Lagos which is home to Nigeria’s NOLLYWOOD, the world’s 3rd largest film industry.

LIFANIMA is an annual event which provides a platform for animators to interact with other stakeholders for optimum value creation and rapid growth of the animation film industry.

Lagos International Festival of Animation is dedicated to the promotion of Animation in Africa. The festival attracts the continent’s new generation of animators and visual effects talents and studios, as well as stakeholders in the film industry.

Africa Animation Awards

  • Origin: Kenya

The Africa Animation Awards is a pan-African Animation Festival taking place in Nairobi, Kenya which a broad vision of being of a vehicle that brings the best African perhaps never-before-seen animation stories to the world for people to laugh more harder.

The Festival is designed to encourage the creation of more local African content, identify the best-emerging talent, creators, writers and provide a platform to present the best quality content to the world. We are the first and the only dedicated African Animation Festival on the continent to do such a festival with a programme that has something for everyone.


AVIJOZI (animation, visual effects and interactive) is a free-of-charge festival that aims to connect creatives, technicians, software developers, AI researchers, artists, writers, directors, producers, students, VFX and animation studios, and industry enthusiasts from South Africa and beyond.

Creating platforms for collaboration – The festival aims to be the catalyst that sparks significant local and international interest in animation, VFX, and interactive spaces. The festival first launched in 2022.

Kenya Animation Festival

Kenya Animation Festival

Annual Kenya Animation Festival is the first East African Animation Festival that challenges Animators from East African Community to produce original entertaining animation content within 60 days. Annual Kenya Animation Festival 2019 is organised by SeventyTwo Media Group, a media company that produces and distributes African content to a global audience. The festival fills a gap in the market by creating a network platform for East African Animators who are pushing boundaries of their work to the fullest range of expression and creativity as well connecting the animators to a global audience, content buyers and corporates.

Yaoundé African Cinema Animation (CANIMAF) 

The African Cinema Animation (CANIMAF) is a festival dedicated to animation in all its forms and declension. Being the main cultural festival in Cameroon which honours animation, their directors and producers, it is bent o attaining many objectives as time goes by, which are :

  • Create a framework for expression and dissemination for African directors from within and without;
  • Create an artistic and cultural proposition for the African and Cameroonian public in particular;
  • Enable the discovery of new talents;
  • Encourage the development of Cameroonian animation and progressively set up an industry comprising all links of the production chain;
  • Set up on a database made of professionals, production studios, schools and other institutions;
  • Enhance creations associated with the “Jeun’anim” project which is activated for the production of films in schools;
  • Set a system to aid creation: scholarships, subventions, reading of scenario, project competitions, connecting project owners and financers;
  • Sign partnerships with international festivals; and
  • Be one of the international forums of cinema animation in Africa.