On this podcast page, you’ll find recent episodes of the Space Squid podcast by Squid Mag and Fiko’s Corner by our friend, Kofi Ofosu. One podcast covers all things geek in Africa while the other takes you on an artist’s journey to perfection.
Space Squid is a podcast covering all things comic books, video games, animation and fresh, funky digital art from Africa! This is a complement to all the text based content on Squid Mag where you can discover the latest stories making the rounds on the African geek scene.
From comic book, animation and game reviews, exciting new titles, information on the best publishers, press releases, listicles, free comics (including African comic PDFs, graphic novels, African comic anthologies), amazing African digital artists and more, the Space Squid Podcast by Squid Mag, hosted by Kadi Yao Tay is home sweet home for African nerds.
Fiko’s Corner is a weekly podcast for artists and creatives. Here, Ghanaian character designer and illustrator, Kofi Ofosu shares tip, tricks and philosophies he’s picked up on his artistic journey that will be helpful to other aspiring artists and even to other working professionals.

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