Hanson Akatti Develops a Kinetic Visual Identity to Usher in a New Era for Harmattan Rain

March 30, 20232 min read

Harmattan Rain has been at the forefront of documenting the alternative African music scene on the ground, and this new creative direction will dominate the covers of some of the most sought-after playlists on the continent. Featuring bold rhythmic patterns and a hypnotic palette, it perfectly mirrors the experimental and dynamic nature of African Gen Zers. 

Harmattan Rain Playlist Covers collage by Hanson Akatti

Hanson Akatti, an accomplished designer, illustrator, and artist, is known for his graphic style and love for urbanism, media, and pop culture. He collaborated with Harmattan Rain’s Creative Director, Sean Andah, to develop the new visual identity. 

He wanted to capture the feel and essence of harmattan – the dry wind that blows in from the Sahara Desert into West Africa during the winter months – in a manner that still rang true to the abstract and textural approach he typically employs. The umbrella approach to the regions represented acknowledges that there is no singular method to representing all African regions with one graphic. 

Harmattan Rain Alte

There’s a certain way African youth is being presented, and I don’t think there is enough that shows the diversity of this audience. I want to show just how dynamic we are, especially from a Gen Z audience. They take more risks in their outward appearance, and I wanted this expression to reflect that.” 

Hanson Akatti

The new visual identity is now live on Harmattan Rain’s digital platforms and will be rolled out across its events and exhibitions throughout the year. 

Hanson’s design work for Harmattan Rain is just one example of the impact that Africans are having on the creative scene. As they continue to take bold steps and push boundaries, the world can expect to see even more exciting and innovative work emerge from the continent. 

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