Rankuwa: Music, Cyborgs And Unlikely Friendships

November 15, 20172 min read

It’s one thing to live as a young music-loving cyborg in a dystopian cyberpunk world and another to have your dreams literally stolen. To keep on believing and dreaming despite the odds, however, is the true show of strength and Rankuwa, the titular character in this 3D animated short embodies that spirit.

Interestingly, Rankuwa means “we are taken” and in this context, could be a metaphor for how deeply rooted our lives are into technology and vice versa. (Is this far-fetched? Tell us in the comments).

This moving animated short is about a young boy getting through life by playing his music and the unlikely friend he makes along the way. The animated short was created by a team of students in their final year of study at the Animation School based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa sometime in 2016.

Rankuwa was created by the talented team of Sandro Pellarini, Farron Swartz, Tess McGraw, Jani van den Berg, Matthew Hardaker, Robin Myles, and Jason Finklestein!

Check out Rankuwa below.

This animated short film production has been created by students of The Animation School in their final year of study.

According to the school’s website, “The Animation School is South Africa’s leading provider of higher education in the field of animation as we consistently produce award-winning graduates who are employed by top companies locally and abroad.

If you’re interested in studying animation, the Animation School’s introductory video at the end of this post might be all the convincing you need.

Visit The Animation School South Africa for further details.

Read what Afropunk has also said about the short.

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