Squid CoW #5: Misfit by Collyde Prime

May 17, 20208 min read

It’s not a seahorse, it’s not a ship, it’s a cow – a squid cow. Hold your fins, that’s just Squid Comic of the Week! This week’s comic is Misfit by Collyde Prime.

Superheroes, fantasy worlds, the supernatural, super soldiers are lovely themes we love to see explored in comics. But what if we wanted more, something a little closer to home. Something that, while exaggerated a wee bit, is relatable and action-packed at the same time? Think a literal slice of life comic that packs a bloody, punch, literally. Tha’s Misfit, the comic series by Collyde Prime.

Spoiler warning. Misfit is a mature comic and dances with blood, violence, language and sex.

To get a good sense of what Misfit is about, read what Collyde introduces the comic with:

Misfit by Collyde Prime (Awonda Comics)

Why can’t we have our own heroes? But, this is Africa. We don’t really have the excuse of swallowing scientifically altered potions and aliens from outer space…so the characters here are going to be everyday people…themes we are all familiar with. The story starts with Shanko, a smallish, regular guy in the hood who has to face a bully. No one would expect someone like him to beat a bigger, muscular dude.

Collyde Prime

Important info about Misfit

Initial Release: October 23, 2014


Origin: Nigeria

Creator, Writing & Art: Collyde Prime

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Awonda Comics

Likies ♥️

Shanko from Misfit


From the angriest artist in Nigeria is this GTA rendition of Lagos, detailing low-life street culture and the dealings of the corrupt crime world.  

The sequential scenes, panels and effects make the comic an easy flow of grim to comedy to sexual gratification. Collyde goes all out with his bold lines, cliffhangers, huge curves, feisty slay queens) and sweet Naija Pidgin English.

As promised, the characters are down to earth like your neighbourhood folks (think the bully at school, the abusive dad, the hot chick in class) and the plot links up everyday life nuances of a typical Nigerian street smart native. 

In all, Misfit is properly rated matured since it’s heavily adult-themed and not a walkthrough for inappropriate readers.


The first thing I love about the series is the art, the furious, gangsta art of Collyde Prime. Collyde’s unique style lends itself well to the themes of this comic, which leads me into the other things I like about Misfit. 

Misfit is not pretentious and wears the not all heroes wear capes mantra on its sleeve. The comic is ghetto af, raw and unapologetic. It shows a side of Nigeria that other comics hardly do and when they do, feels like it’s just to score cool points. 

Misfit prides itself on being different. It is in its own terms, rated R, abrasive, features unique dialogue, sexual when it needs to be and violent. Picture Huey from the Boondocks had his own series. Done picturing? Yeah, that’s everything to like about Misfit.

Oh, also, the dialogue is incredible. Did I already mention that? Well, it is. I’ve read Nigerian pidgin in other comics but none hit me as authentically as it does in Misfit.

Urgh ?

Shanko vs Buga. Misfit. © Awonda Comics/ Collyde Prime
Shanko vs Buga. Misfit. © Awonda Comics/ Collyde Prime


The delay is just too much! I’m already gripped with suspense and anxiety to get an immersive feel of the world of Misfit. Some consistency will be appreciated by a loyal fan like me. 


As much as I love Misfit, it leaves me slightly confused. The issues don’t exactly flow into each other and it takes me a few pages to connect what’s happening in-between issues. An example is in Issue 2 which starts off with a new character, Tanko on a plane. The previous issue ended with our protagonist, Shanko’s conscience restraining him from the death blow he was about to deliver to a thug. It’s only several pages in that the story continues from issue 1. What is Tanko’s significance? I don’t know, yet. It would have been good if there was some indication as to where we were in the story. 

Outside of that, I agree with Kofi that damn, the delay is too much but understandable: the economics, and work.

Infinity and Beyond ?

Aduke from Misfit by Collyde Prime


So far the diverse characters prove Misfit is weighty and full of interesting twist and turns which can also adapt to current issues and span for many parts if intended.

Offshoots like the Xmas & New Year Edition where Miss Ekaete, the no-nonsense policewoman who won the show can be a usual addition to the original story. A few more of such standalone and season-themed editions will be cool.

I believe Misfit is the sleeping Smaug waiting to be awakened again.


I really hope this comic continues. There have only been 4 issues so far and they show so much potential.  I’m aware Collyde lost his laptop and thus working files in a car break-in. I hope he finds the energy to return to this series, take it for a spin and create a relatable comic we can all relish. 

Lastly, who is Aduke? Why is she his conscience? Why is she pregnant? Is she pregnant? Is Shanko a father?

How to Read Misfit

Misfit is available to read on Awonda Comics’ Facebook page, this and via Okadabooks. Follow Collyde Prime on Instagram and Behance.

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