Kugali AR possibly is.

In our post on Hero Corps, we talked about how exciting the leap from comic books to animation is. Now imagine pushing that even further with the technologies of today. Imagine pushing storytelling to Ready Player One levels. While not as elaborate, Kugali is on the path to making that, or something very similar possible using virtual and augmented reality, something they’re simply calling Kugali AR. 

Kugali is an entertainment company designed to provide millions of fans with stories inspired by African culture, using art, animation, virtual and augmented reality. Kugali showcases the best African stories through these mediums. These are stories that respect the history of Africa, embrace the present and imagine the future. Kugali is positioning itself as the Disney of African stories. 

Last year, Kugali launched its first Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund issue #1 of the Kugali Comic Anthology.  Kugali raised £25,000 from nearly 800 backers. The anthology is a collection of some of the best African comics featuring over 20 incredibly talented creators from over a dozen different African countries since the first issue. Presently, the anthology has featured comics such as Oro, Lake of Tears, Under a Jovian Sun, Kayin and Abeni and Iku among others.

Kugali AR

As Kugali evolves, the publisher is diving more into AR. Kugali wants to share the beauty of a myriad of African myths and legends and offer everyone the most magical experience possible with existing technology. Finding Myths and Making Magic is a new, breathtaking and innovative way to learn about African mythology. 

Kugali AR is bringing the freshness of African stories to life on mobile handsets via a 40-page full-colour artbook. Kugali promises a storytelling experience unlike any out there. 

With this augmented reality art book, Kugali is going to catapult African stories to the cutting edge of storytelling and instead of chasing the rest of the world, will be positioned as leaders within that space. 

Finding Myths and Making Magic
Finding Myths and Making Magic – An African Augmented Reality Art Book

Kugali needs help to bring this Kugali AR dream to reality. Scheduled to launch on September 30th 2019, the campaign will have a month-long run and is aiming to raise £10,000. 

Growing up in Uganda and Kenya, my relatives would often tell me stories about the mythical figures but now that entertainment has evolved, they seem to have been left behind, and it would be a shame to see them disappear. 

Hamid Ibrahim

Kugali’s AR efforts are led by Hamid Ibrahim who is also the company’s creative director.  Hamid is a CG generalist specializing in character rigging and modelling. He originally worked as a rigging Technical Director at MPC where he worked on films like Dumbo and the Lion King. Hamid is in charge of everything CG in Kugali. 

What to Expect from Kugali AR

Kugali AR reactions at Fearless Lagos Comic-Con

Here’s what to expect from Kugali AR. 

  1. 40 full-colour pages (8 with written stories about the mythical figures, 16 showing the work in progress of the art alongside the different reasons the figures were created);
  2. Over 10 pieces of augmented reality art to hang up on your wall;
  3. Over 15 amazing augmented reality experiences, including a fully animated story, told in augmented reality; and
  4. Above all, a storytelling experience you won’t find anywhere else!

With breathtaking visuals and over 15 different augmented reality experiences, Kugali AR will transport you to a continent rich in myths, legends and stories yet to be seen on mainstream media. 

Once you experience augmented reality, you will realise that it is the future of storytelling and Kugali will be right there shining a light on African stories. 

Support the Kugali AR campaign here.