Bahari Blue #15 – The Furious, Gangster Art of Collyde Prime

February 10, 20203 min read

Collyde Prime, real name Adedapo Adesugba is an illustrator, character designer, graphic designer, comic book creator, graffiti enthusiast and rapper from Lagos, Nigeria. His hip-hop inclinations feature heavily in his art, which is unique, angular and in the words of Leslie Williams of Layrz (now Ovalay),  “the sort of bold, all-bets-are-off illustrative designer whose input is often pixel gold.”

Collyde Prime is the founder of Awonda Comics under whose umbrella he has published Misfit, Adura, Ebola Man and Officer Shola. He has a new comic planned for February 2020 called Oya. Collyde has a keen interest in the Yoruba god of thunder Shango, and has made several comic strips featuring him. Sometime in 2014, OJ Okosun animated his characters in the shortlived Sango & Friends series.

We spoke about his latest illustration series, Naija Cyberpunk on the first episode of the Space Squid Podcast (listen here). In 2017, Collyde was the lead illustrator on Farabale’s Art Beat 100 artbook.

Besides his unique hip-hop inspired art style, Collyde Prime has an exceptional sense of humour that bleeds off his comics. Additionally, he has a no-nonsense, get-things-done asap social media personality that makes you fall in love with his art over and over again. Think of Collyde Prime as the Gary Vaynerchuck of Nigerian digital illustration. You should check out some of his very important rants when you can.

In July 2015, Collyde started his own drawing challenge, similar to Jake Parker’s Inktober challenge. He called it the 50 Days of Character Design Challenge. The challenge saw the likes of Mohammed Agbadi, Stanley “Stanch” Obende and Collyde submitting. Check out some of the art for that challenge here.

Back to what you came here for. Enjoy the furious, gangster and imaginative world of Collyde Prime below.

Illustration of the Youruba goddess Oya by Collyde Prime
Alaga Ibile by Collyde Prime
Alaga Ibile
Illustration of a female Nigerian police officer on the cover of Collyde Prime's Officer Sola comic
Officer Sola comic book cover
A Nigerian samurai on a rooftop in Nigeria.
Naija Cyberpunk by Collyde
Illustration of a woman holding a gun in her right hand and a black book with an angel printed on the front (presumably a bible). Comic book cover of Adura by Collyde Prime
Adura comic book cover
Naija pop art by Collyde Prime
Naija pop art by Prime
Collaborative illustration of a reimagined Nigerian babalawo in a modern, gangster context by Collyde Prime and Mohammed Agbadi
Funky Babalawo by Collyde Prime and Mohammed Agbadi
dhalism by Collyde Prime
Dhalism by Collyde Prime
A Nigerian Santa Claus, surrounded by women in a tiny sleigh being pulled by strained reindeer with two grinches ahead of the entourage illustrated by Collyde Prime.
Happy Holidays by Collyde Prime
Youruba Demon for Farabale Artbeat by Collyed Prime
Yourba Demon Farabale Artbeat by Collyde

See more of Collyde Prime’s work on Instagram, Behance, Wacom Gallery and Facebook.

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