Who says animation is for kids only? It’s a tired cliche when people tag all cartoons and animated content as being for children and ignore the world of content geared towards adults. Popular shows like South Park and The Simpsons are two great examples of animated shows aimed at an adult audience. These shows, however, are created in and enabled by a mature industry.

This raises an important question. Are there any mature animation content from Africa?

The answer is, certainly! This year, the African Animation Network has partnered with DISCOP Markets and Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market/MIFA to present a screening of African-produced animated content for mature audiences as part of the official program at Annecy 2020 during the Africa 2020 Creative Season in France.

Mshini TV

AAN isn’t only focusing on children’s content and has opened a call for content for its new Mshini TV brand. This will be another Open Network Platform and home for animated content of a more mature nature. Making it possible for creators who want to focus on the +16 target market with a platform to showcase their work.

This platform will be home to, f****d up African cartoons (excuse the French). Shows like My Child TV by Nick Wilson (AAN) and Orange City by Somto Achulujukwu will feel right at home on Mshini TV.

Mshini TV is a corruption of the isiZulu phrase “mshiniwamahlaya” with “mshini” meaning “machine (gun)” and “wamahlaya” meaning joke. Combined, “mshiniwamahlaya” is a pun which means both “machine (gun) jokes” and “joke machine/factory“.

Mshini TV will make its European debut at Annecy/MIFA 2020 as part of the official festival program and the Africa 2020 Creative Season before screening at DISCOP Johannesburg 2020. 

Got animated content that fits in with Mshini TV? Submit your content here.