Bahari Blue #7 – The Edgy Art of Kudzai Ngundu

September 10, 20192 min read

Kudzai Ngundu is a writer, concept artist, illustrator, creative director and co-founder of AfroTokyo in Zimbabwe. AfroTokyo is a pre-production studio that does storyboards, concept art, animation, comic illustration as well as manga/comic writing for use in the educational, advertising and entertainment industries.

Kudzai is also part of TaNyaKu, a manga writing collective of three brothers, Tawanda Ngundu, Nyasha Ngundu and Kudzai Ngundu. Kudzai and his brothers have a distinct art style that marries Japan’s anime and manga aesthetic with Zimbabwe. Their style is evident in their individual comics, Monkey Ngano by Kudzai Ngundu, Paper Angels by Tawanda Rodney Ngundu and Bawt by Nyasha Ngundu.

Earlier this year, Kudzai was one of the panellists at FANCON 2019. He was on a panel with Tino Makoni, Tafadza Zombie and Bill Masuku discussing the state of comics in Zimbabwe. The panel was called Exploring the Zimbabwean Comics Scene and was moderated by Andrew Lamprecht.

Kudzai was also one of the many artists who showcased their work in the artists’ alley at Comic-Con Africa.


Monkey Ngano by Kudzai Ngundu
Monkey Ngano
Cannon Busters fanart by Kudzai Ngundu
Cannon Busters fanart by Kudzai
Black Zeus fan art
Kudzai’s fan art of Black Zeus, the eponymous protagonist of a Zimbabwean comic book created by Bill Masuku for Enigma Comix
Background paintings by Kudzai Ngundu
Iyco and Kaka Furaha Afro-Mask
Tokoloshe concept art by Kudzai Ngundu
Tokoloshe concept art by Kudzai
Metro: New Zimbabwe
Ape icon by Kudzai Ngundu
Black Clover fan art by Kudzai Ngundu
Black Clover fanart by AfroTokyo

Bonus Kudzai Ngundu Art

Squid Magazine logo fanart by Kudzai Ngundu
Cute fanart of the Squid Magazine mascot

See more of Kudzai Ngundu’s work on Instagram.

Bahari Blue curated by Squid Mag's Kadi Yao Tay and Kofi Sydney Asare
Bahari Blue Series

Bahari Blue is Squid Mag’s Kadi Yao Tay and Kofi Sydney Asare’s and illustrator Bolaji “Art Nerd X” Olaloye’s scrapbook of favourite African (including the diaspora sometimes) artists they love, are inspired by and believe the whole world needs to know about.

So far we’ve featured Alfred Achiampong, Venus Bambisa, Malcolm Wopé, Simangaliso Sibaya, Kofi Ofosu and Ifesinachi Orjiekwe.

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