Bahari Blue #6 – The Electric Illustrations of Ifesinachi Orjiekwe

September 6, 20193 min read

Ifesinachi Orjiekwe is a storyboard artist, comic book illustrator and character designer from Nigeria. He’s a beast with line art and often collaborates with Mohammed Agbadi and Yinfaowei Harrison to make art.

In 2018, Ifesinachi Adrian Orjiekwe and longtime collaborator, Yinfaowei Harrison Tombra’s work was chosen as the official Google Doodle for the Super Eagles, Nigeria’s national football team during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. You can see the doodle above.

Asked what football meant in Nigeria, the duo responded:

Football to Nigerians means a lot more than a game – it’s love, and more importantly a way of life. Only football can bring people of different tribes and ethnic groups together under one roof.

Adrian is also working on a comic with his friends, Mohammed Agbadi and Harrison Yinfaowei about a gang of tricycle riders (called keke in Nigeria ) tussling for street cred and power in the streets of Lagos. The comic is called Wreakless.

He has also worked on a fanfic Batman comic samples of which are available to read here. Ifesinachi Orjiekwe also contributed storyboards along with Godwin Akpan for Anthill Studios’ Frogeck 3D animated project.

Ifesinachi Orjiekwe’s art – storyboards, pencils, animatics – is as electric as it is fluid and a marvel to behold.

Enjoy the electric art of Ifesinachi Orjiekwe.

Tears (unfinished animatic) by Ifesinachi Orjiekwe
Hold On Bats (Bane vs Batman) by Ifesinachi Orjiekwe & Mohammed Agbadi
Hold On Bats (Bane vs Batman). Lines by Ifesinachi Orjiekwe. Colors by Mohammed Agbadi
Ghost faced rider by Ifesinachi Orjiekwe
Ghost Faced Rider
New Dawn comic character designs by Ifesinachi and Yinfaowei Harrison Tombra
New Dawn character designs by Ifesinachi and Yinfaowei Harrison Tombra
Princess Mononke fanart by Ifesinachi Orjiekwe
Princess Mononoke fanart by Ifesinachi Orjiekwe
Love Birds by Ifesinachi Orjiekwe. Background painted by Yinfaowei Harrison
The Girl and the Beast by Ifesinachi Orjiekwe
The Girl and the Beast
Wreakless comic by Ifesinachi Orjiekwe, Harrison Tombra and Mohammed Agbadi
Little Red Riding Hood by Ifesniachi Adrian Orjiekwe
Little Red Riding Hood
children's storybook illustration of a father and son playing soccer in Nigeria
Storybook illustration by Ifesinachi and Harrison Yinfaowei
The Messenger Storyboard animatic

See more of Ifesinachi Orjiekwe’s work on Instagram, Tumblr, ArtStation, Vimeo and DeviantArt.

Bahari Blue curated by Squid Mag's Kadi Yao Tay and Kofi Sydney Asare
Bahari Blue Series

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So far we’ve featured Alfred Achiampong, Venus Bambisa, Malcolm Wopé, Simangaliso Sibaya, Kofi Ofosu, Ifesinachi Orjiekwe, Kudzai Ngundu, Salim Busuru and Rodney Tawanda Ngundu.

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