Have you seen Falz’ music video for his song, Talk? That video’s blend of animation and live action is for lack of a better phrase, the talk of the town. The most striking thing about that video for us at Squid Mag is the oh-so gorgeous 8-bit animation in it.

We’ve seen a few of these types of animation but figure many of you haven’t. After all, people are often surprised when we show them comics, video games and animation from Africa, least of all, classic, joyous 8-bit animation.

Not anymore. We’ve compiled a list of some of the 8-bit animated music videos from Africa we’ve come across and fell in love with.

Of course, no such list could ever be entirely definitive. This is a subjective collection based on memory, YouTube and poking around Google. If you think we’ve made any notable omissions, please do make suggestions in the comments section at the end. We must point out that, a running theme throughout the videos is a love for Nintendo and Super Mario.

Below are 8-bit animated music videos from Africa we’re totally digging.

Talk – Falz the Bad Guy (animated by The Smiling Hat)

Talk is unlike the other animated music videos on this list. It is a blend of live action and animation. The politics of Talk is one thing and its stunning visuals another, but we won’t get into any of that. Animation is what concerns us and boy does the video make a killing with it. Think Sega, Super Mario and Nigeria! The animated bits were done by Kanso (the Smiling Hat) who is the creator of Freak the Fxxx Out.

We Come Together – Goldfish (animated by Mike Scott)

We Come Together is a nerd fest with lots of nostalgia. If you were an avid gamer and/or pop culture head from the 90s, this video will have you in your feels. Also, the soundtrack itself is quite funky. In the words of Indie Chanel’s Dylan Culhane, this video looks good enough to spawn its own TV series. Goldfish is a band from South Africa.

Black Star – Richy Pitch M.anifest (directed by Tom Jackson)

This video, aka Journeys of an 8-bit Hip-Hop Superstar is arguably the best animated music video out of Ghana. It wins major points for creativity, teary nostalgia and unfiltered fun. This video is the oldest on the list, released sometime in 2010. Ghanaians will most relate to this song.

Economy – Magnom Nshona Muzick (animated by Ebien Studios)

For all intents and purposes, this isn’t an 8-bit styled video, but instead, a video that pays homage to it. This 2-D video combines two games, Super Mario and Space Invaders to paint a colorful, groovy picture of the state of the economy and its direct consequences on young people. The character designs (by Hanson Akatti) in this video are quite lovely and have us begging for more.