Freak the Fxxk Out (FTFO) contains graphic scenes and is intended for mature audiences. Please proceed accordingly. 

Do horror, gore and the insanely disturbing immediately come to mind when you think of animation? Probably not. And yet, the work of Freak the Fxxk Out will delightfully, well, freak you the fxxk out!

Through gorgeous animation and intense storylines that send chills down your spine, shoot up your paranoia and have you questioning everything, Kanso Ogbolu and his OBK Studios team have created an experience that is every bit as refreshing and disruptive as it is shocking, anxiously hilarious and disturbing.

Animating speculative fiction with overt darkness has an irresistible quality to it that you can’t just take your eyes off. Freak the Fxxk Out rides that attraction to the moon and back. The result? Imagine the scariest Nigerian horror flick you’ve ever seen remade 10 times better into bite-sized vector animation. That is essentially Freak The Fxxk Out, a collection of creepy short stories. 

Tata freak the fxxk out
Tata fanart by Olamide Agunbiade

At the centre of the FTFO world is a terrifying character called Tata. Tata is an enigma of a child, with mysterious powers which he uses for evil, and good (depending on which perspective you resonate with). Through several episodes, Tata, has made wishes come true, soothed the pain of death and in most cases, delighted in the massacre of others. Tata embodies the spontaneity, creepiness and intrigue of FTFO to a T. 

Freak the Fxxk Out has screened at film festivals across the world including Encounters Film Festival 2018, Accra Animation Film Festival 2019, AFRIFF 2017, I Just Dey Observe and International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) among others.

freak the fxxk out awards and screenings

Freak the Fxxk Out also received a Golden Fox Award nomination in 2019 in the Animated Film category at the monthly Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF). Freak the Fxxk Out won the Best Visual Effects award at the Lagos International Festival of Animation in 2019 too. 

Kanso Ogbolu, creator of Freak the Fxxk out (FFTO)
Kanso Obgolu via

FTFO is a collaborative effort led by Kanso Ogbolu (who did the animated bit of Falz’ Talk video) and several writers, animators and illustrators including our very own Tobi Oluwafemi

Fans of horror flicks would feel right home in this Nigerian filmmaking studio’s world, while animation lovers would drool over the gorgeous and simple vector animation that the studio uses. 

Comic lovers and live-action fanatics aren’t left out. FFTO has grown over the seasons and experiments with live-action shorts as well as comics released every Friday in The Lost Pages comic book anthology. 

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