Untamed Empire Gets Untamed by Geeks: Frame by Frame Animation Nights Was a Must-Warp Portal!

March 19, 20245 min read

The third installment of Frame by Frame Animation Nights was a feast for the senses. The energy was palpable as the sun set over Untamed Empire, a creative hub in Accra. Artists, enthusiasts, and industry leaders mingled to the soothing sounds of an eclectic mix of music, surrounded by the venue’s unique architecture. This was more than an animation event; it was an immersion into an authentic African geek scene.

This edition of Frame by Frame was a sensory overload in the best way possible. We brought the heat with a bunch of experiences that had everyone buzzing.

First up, a sketch jam that got the creative juices flowing! Attendees grabbed art supplies to unleash their creativity. From quick gesture drawings to detailed masterpieces, the energy was electric. It was a perfect icebreaker before the spicy anime debate – Naruto vs Attack on Titan vs One Piece, the ultimate showdown! Fans clashed (well, debated passionately) about their favorite shows, from classic battles to mind-bending plots. No topic was off-limits, and the friendly yet feisty exchanges showcased the crazy diverse love for anime in Accra, and the diverse perspectives within the anime community. Laughter, cheers, and maybe a few salty tears – it was glorious!

But the real showstopper? The AR and VR exhibition! Step into the venue, and bam! You’re whisked away to different worlds through mind-blowing tech. Explore epic games in VR, or get up close and personal with virtual art pieces in AR. Every moment felt like stepping straight into a dream, the detail was unreal!

Meanwhile, the comics lounge offered a cozy haven with a PlayStation corner and a massive stall overflowing with comics and graphic novels from every genre imaginable. Wanna geek out over African superheroes? Dive into a sci-fi adventure? There was something for everyone to lose themselves in.

Comic Lounge at Frame x Frame Animation Nights

And let’s not forget the digital art exhibition! It was a showcase of pure talent, featuring both rising stars and established legends like Collyde Prime and Richard Opoku Agyemang. From mesmerizing animations to thought-provoking digital projections, it was a testament to the boundless creativity of the African imagination.

As darkness fell, attendees enjoyed culinary delights, from tantalizing finger foods to locally crafted cocktails, before settling in for a curated screening of animated short films. The playlist featured exclusive viewings of “Kizazi Moto” episodes, Poka Asamoah’s chilling short film “Last Night,” the epic saga of Azumah, and Worlasi’s animated music video for “Who the F.” The event demonstrated its commitment to pushing the boundaries of animation and providing a platform for emerging artists.

Notable guests included satirist illustrator Bright Ackwerh, musician and painter, Worlasi, animator Poka Asamoah, AfricaComicade’s Micheal Oscar, Delali Quarshie, Girls in Animation’s Adzo Atitsogbui, Bertil Toby Svanekiaer, Nii Ofei, Sarpei Kwadey, and Kugali’s Danson Njoka.

Frame x Frame Animation Nights (FxF) is poised to significantly impact the animation industry in Ghana. FxF is not just a niche screening event; it’s a catalyst for change, a celebration of creativity, and a beacon of opportunity for Ghana’s animation community.

The success of the event was made possible by the support of esteemed partners, including Sefa Gohoho and Untamed Empire, Anthony Silverston and Triggerfish Animation, Dobiison VR, LimeAR, Nubian VR, Enil Art, Prince Ziwu, and the Comic Store Guy. Their contributions helped elevate the event to new heights, showcasing the best in art, technology, and storytelling.

Frame by Frame Animation Nights wasn’t just an event, it was a celebration of all things geeky in Accra. If you get a chance to be there next time (and that’s in November), don’t miss it!

Brought to you by Squid Mag (Kadi & Kofi) and turdemoji (ed.).

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