Comics and Smoothies: A Creative Revolution

April 6, 20173 min read

Comics and Smoothies is coming to Accra by way of Lagos and we can’t contain our excitement. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Vortex INC to present Comics and Smoothies.

Comics and Smoothies is a free informal gathering to talk African comics, games and animation. We’ll be discussing the way forward for African comics, cartoons and games at NourishLAB® Smoothy’s in Osu from 2 – 4 pm. Vortex Inc. is the publisher of Orisha Pikin and other comics we’ve previously covered.

Coming by the event to chat with attendees are Vortex Inc.’s Somto Ajuluchukwu, Nerd Core’s Paul Ziem, Animax FYB’s Francis Brown, Leti Arts‘ Eyram Tawia, Isaac Onwukwe and Wilfred Attipoe of Trigger Pixels as well as the crew from Akolabone and the beloved Creo Concepts.

What is Comics and Smoothies? 

For curious minds, Comics and Something (yes something) is a VEXPO initiative set up in 2016. The essence of the expression is to connect the “creative” community with popular lifestyle and with each other to create an informal and comfortable environment for all to communicate and share experiences towards growth.

Isaac Onwukwe and Wilfred Attipoe, game developers speakers at comics and smoothies
We are bringing out the big guns!

Lagos has hosted a Comics and Something event twice since 2016 which has attracted an estimated 1000 attendees. These editions were dubbed Comics and Cofee. Comics and Smoothies is Ghana’s maiden edition and will have local industry players such as LETI ARTS, CREO Concepts, NERDCORE STUDIOS, and more present.

The theme, FORWARD is inspired by Kwame Nkrumah’s famous quote: “we face neither East nor West: we face forward”. Forward focuses on the collective growth of the Ghanaian and African creative industry through collaboration and strategic partnerships. Topics include funding; distribution; marketing; and fan base development. Key industry players will share their insights and ideas so you can be sure to pick up a hint or two!

Eyram Tawia of Leti Arts, confirmed Speaker
The thinkers and shakers will be there!!

Comics and Smoothies is a casual meet-up happening in a very informal environment. The hangout will attract stakeholders and creative entrepreneurs who’ve shaken the creative landscape in the past 5 years.

Paul Ziem, CEO of NerdCore and Comics and smoothies participant

Comics and Smoothies is a trademark and VEXPO Initiative with logistics support from Squid Mag. Media partners are OMG Voice Ghana, Pulse Ghana and again, Squid Mag.

VEXPO is a pan-African event community brand which is passionate about connecting creativity and bringing the market to amazing products.

Comics and Smoothies - a VEXPO 2017

You cannot afford to not be there! It’s COMICS AND SMOOTHIES for crying out loud. That’s a killer combo if we ever heard of one.

it does not get much better than this!

Come through so we can have a FORWARD discussion about African animation, games and Comics.

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