There was a time in my life when I thought Nigerian comic books were nonexistent; the only comics I knew where the ones my uncle drew and the ones I borrowed from friends. I was a kid with a dream to be the first person to create the first Nigerian comic book.

I had to re-evaluate my aspiration when I discovered Nigerian comic books have been around for a very long time. One of the earliest Nigerian made comic books was Wale Adenuga’s Ikebe Super and Super Story— which was a big deal in the 70s and 80s. The advent of Supa Strikas in 2001 ushered in a refined version of Nigerian comics.

The last decade has produced a good number of highly creative Nigerian comic book companies and creators. And therefore we are in a time when creators are reaching into their imaginative core dishing out the gripping, compelling and amazing African/Nigerian stories in the sequential art form.

So the big question is, who is making comics in Nigeria? Who are the major players in this nascent industry?

Below are a number of companies and individuals making waves in Nigeria’s comic industry (arranged in no particular order).

1. Comic Republic

Comic Republic Universe characters, featuring some of the most well known nigerian comics

When it comes to comics in Nigeria, Comic Republic easily comes to mind. They are famously known for award-winning titles such as Guardian Prime, Avonome, Eru, Tatashe and many other titles of the Republic world. Established by Jide Martin, Comic Republic is known for its captivating storytelling, high-end comic art and vibrant colours which have helped them garner a cult-following across Nigeria. Comic Republic was once featured on CNN for their promotion of African superheroes.

Read Comic Republic comics free of charge.

2. Epoch Comics

Martin Okonkwo’s Epoch Comic is a subsidiary of Epoch Studios. Their products include a blend of superhero, afro-futuristic sci-fi, traditional and supernatural comics. They produce supernatural comics such as Aegis, Seraph, Prophesy, as well as superhero comics such as Moon Dust. If you are a fan of supernatural comics, Epoch comics will satisfy your cravings.

3. MAD! Comics

Oro by Mad Comics Nigeria
Oro by Mad Comics

MAD! Comics is an upcoming comic company started by Hafeez Oluwa, who is also a prolific writer. MAD comics navigates the dark side of Nigerian traditions. They tell stories that will make your bowels drop, and terrific art that would make your nightmares come true. Their comics include; Orò, Osita and Disciples.

Stay in the loop on with MAD! Comics on Facebook.

4. Collectible Comics

Anarchy comic cover by Collectible Comics Nigeria

Collectible comics are also upcoming. Collectible Comics was set up by Murewa Ayodele with his friend and artist Dotun Akande. Together, they’ve created the following comics; Anarchy, GodKiller, Cliff: Lust and Gravity, Utopia and more, veering away from the superhero comic craze.

One wonderful thing about Collectible comics is their promotion of independent comics, they allow submission of creator-owned comics while the owners retain all rights to their books.

5. Spoof Comics

Ayodele Elegba's Voyager

Spoof Comics is owned by Ayodele Elegba, the convener of the Lagos comic con. Vantage, Boxsa, Jinx, Teen Techs are some of the comics created by Ayodele Elegba under the aegis of Spoof Comics.

6. Youneek Studios

YouNiverse Characters from YouNeek studios

Though operating out of Nigeria, it is owned by a Nigerian named Roye Okupe. Youneek Studio has set the standard of what comic books and graphic novels should look and read like in Nigeria and probably Africa as a whole. With the gripping tales and near-perfect art of Malika and E.X.O, Roye Okupe has succeeded in winning the hearts of many comic book lovers home and abroad. E.X.O. was received with critical acclaim and has been featured on CNN, The New York Times, BBC, The Huffington Post and more.

One unique attribute of the comics by Youneek studio is their promotion of the African culture and this has earned them a number of prestigious awards such as the Glyph Comic Award (2017) and a Heruica Character Creation Award (2017).

7. Peda Comics

Peda Comics

The comic NewBorn Sagais almost synonymous with Peda Comics, being their most popular comic. Apart from their epic fantasy comic, New Born, Peda comics are credited for creating comics such as ShowDown, Diiche, Tekk Kids, Under the Sun. In 2016, Peda comics’ New Born saga won Comic Panel Awards for the Most African Oriented comic.

8. Awele Emili

She’s a webcomic artist whose weekly comic strips, iJournals, are mostly posted on Instagram and Twitter. Her slice of life comic hilariously narrates stories of the Nigerian way of life and family. Her comics resonate with many millennials as she steadily gains followers. She has been featured in Konbini, and many other sites.

Check out Awele’s Instagram for comics as well as her portfolio for more!

9. St. Wosh

Abuja by Wosh Draws

Like Awele, St. Wosh also posts his comics on Instagram and Twitter. His comic strips also narrate funny and relatable situations in Nigerian society; particularly the invincibility of Nigerian mothers. In over a year of posting, he has amassed thousands of followers.

Check out new Wosh comics every Saturday on Instagram

10. Obaranda

Obaranda by Justin Irabor

Obaranda was created by artist and writer, Justin Irabor and has become a household name on Twitter. Obaranda thrives on its wittiness, dark, surreal humour, and satire. Justin Irabor doesn’t just make people laugh with his comics, he also seeks to address societal and political issues in the Nigerian society in an amusing way. The sketchy art style of Obaranda lends strength to its narration.

Get exclusive content when you support Obaranda on Patreon.

11. KRO Onimole

Crasher Comics by Kro Onimole

Crasher Comics is a gut-busting webcomic created by KRO Onimole. He has been making the strips since 2002 and is still going strong. Crasher Comics won the 2017 Comic Connect award for the Best Webcomic. Though Onimole has ceased uploading comic strips on the Crasher Comics website (there’s an archive you should check out), he now posts his strips on his Instagram page.

12. AwonDa Comics

Adura, comic book by Collyde Prime published by Awonda Comics

Awonda is the brainchild of Collyde Prime, an illustrator based in Lagos. Awonda is distinct in its presentation of Nigeria. Awonda comics says it as it is, never watering down street slangs in its scripts. Titles from Awonda comics include Adura, Misfits and the upcoming Insta-Comic, Officer Sola.

Read Misfits and Adura for free and like AwonDa Comics on Facebook.

13. LineBug Comics

Linebug Comics

Owned by Sunkanmi Akinboye (@mi_woody on IG), an award-winning artist popularly known for his work on Roye Okupe’s E. X. O: Legend of Wale Williams. Linebug Comics debuted FrontLine: Leave No Man Behind as well as Weju at the maiden UNICON event in Lagos last year. The synopsis reads: Betrayed, ambushed and hunted behind enemy lines, a Nigerian Special Forces unit embarks on a rescue mission in Sambisa forest to save the lives of captured women and brothers-in-arms against all odds. Check the Linebug Comics website for more info.

14. Wildfire Comics

Ara by Wildfire Comics

WildFire comic’s Ara won the 2017 Comic panel’s Award for the best African oriented comic book.

15. Revolutionary Comics

Naija Hardkore by Revelotionary Media

Revolutionary Comics came into the public view in 2018 and it has wowed us with an awesome debut comic, Trinity Red October. Trinity is a comic which dissects the political sphere of Nigeria. Revolutionary Comics boasts a team of highly talented writers such as Sewedo Nupowaku and Hanu Afere. They were recently nominated as Best Writer for the 2018 FIST Awards at Lagos Comic Con. Another comic from Revolutionary comics is Drama Queens, with Naija Hardkore and Sahara and the Time Riders also in the works. Trinity: Red October is available to read via the OkadaBooks app.

16. Taniarts Concept

Elements by Taniarts Concepts

Not new in the comic industry, Taniarts stands out for its consistency. It is credited with creating Elements.

17. Panaramic Comics

Panaramic Entertainment LTD., commonly referred to as Panaramic, is a Nigerian comic book publisher. The company was founded in 2007 by Tunji Anjorin, Rotimi Anjorin, and HRH Oriteme Banigo. Panaramic comics are educative and hinged on promoting Nigerian culture in an era when it is slowly eroding. Stories by this publisher are deeply rooted in Nigerian history and include Okiojo’s Chronicle and Omoboy among others.

Visit Panaramic Online to shop some historically and culturally rich comics.

18. Kolanut Productions

Red Origins comic book by Kolanut Productions

The Udeh Brothers collaborated on Red Origins in 2012, at first as an extracurricular project, but eventually, they realized the could go ahead with it and make it something bigger. It was a story that explores African oral folklore and Afro-futurism. Eventually, the Udeh brothers then established Kolanut Productions, an independent production company. They push epic narratives based on African magic and Folklore in what they call the NeoAfrica Universe. Kolanut Productions boasts the likes of Nnedi Okorafor (writing consultant) and Venus Bambisa (animator & color composer) on its team.

Read Red Origins on Webtoons.

19. Shadowblack Comics

Shadowblack comics is co-founded by Peter Ike Amadi, a man passionate about the comic book industry. Shadowblack Comics creates epic stories. They have produced a number of comics which include Sheba’s Song, Vera and the Dream Thief, Spirits Destiny and Masq among others.

Curious about the business of comic books? Peter Ike Amadi put together what he has learned over the years into a book – Comic Biz 101: How to Create, Print and Sell Your Own Comics – you can read for free online. Read or download Comic Biz 101 here.

20. Kugali


Kugali started off as a database of comics, video games and animation in the same way as our ongoing Bahari Blue database. Kugali has evolved into an entertainment company that focuses on telling stories inspired by African culture using comic books, art and augmented reality. These are stories that respect the history, embrace the present and imagine a future of Africa.

Kugali does this by publishing the works of comic book creators on the continent and in the diaspora. Kugali’s creator owned model is similar to Image Comics. Some of the comics on is roster include Lake of Tears, Monkey Meat by Juni Ba, Razorman by Bill Masuku, Mumu Juju by Etubi Onucheyo and much more.

21. TAG Comics

Dafe, Friends & all of Mishima by TAG Comics
Dafe, Friends & all of Mishima by TAG Comics

TAG Comics is the newest kid on the African comics block. They’re one of the most exciting comic publishers to come out of Africa in 2019. Headquartered in Nigeria, TAG Comics is home to hundreds of characters created to tell African Stories and promote its culture. The company was founded on July 2018 by Morakinyo Araoye.

TAG Comics is a darling on social media, with their posts consistently generating a 1000+ engagement. This is a testament to their fantastic storytelling and very unique art style.

Popular titles created by TAG Comics include Dafe, Friends & All of Mishima, Godfall, Danfo, Generation Rapture, Kpakow and State 37. Upcoming titles include Legend of Yasuke, Delta Masquerade, Ante-s 12, School of Life and Unity.

TAG Comics’ stories are free to read on their website and through their app (Android & iOS).

The Nigerian comic industry is growing in leaps and bounds, thanks to these companies and creators, even those unmentioned, including those who unfortunately stopped producing comics. This includes companies and collectives such as Vortex Comics, Comic Bandit Press, IC Studios, Jigida comics etc.

It’s 2019 and we are expecting to see a flood of badass comic books that would change the face of the industry.

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