Viper: The Epic Story of a Peerless Ninja Cockroach

November 27, 20193 min read

What’s a cockroach to a boot, flip-flops, insecticides or a broom? Nothing. Unless that cockroach is Viper, and all the many other bugs in Kpakow, a comic published by TAG Comics, the most exciting African comic publisher in 2019.  

The story of Viper begins with the death of his father at the hands of Kpakow, a human who channels his frustration onto the poor cockroach. What is simply bug squashing as far as Kpakow is concerned, sends Viper on a quest for revenge.

He mostly succeeds but ends up a high-profile target of a cartel of mosquitoes to who consider him a threat to their food supply and continued existence. 

A simple act of vengeance evolves into a full-on manhunt for Viper, serums, massive collateral damage, a rebellious underground and more drama than any cockroach should ever have to put any creature through, humans included. 

Viper training to fight Kpakow in this TAG comic
Viper training to fight Kpakow, again.

This new chapter in the Kpakow comic by TAG Comics is refreshing, hilarious and ingenious. Who would’ve thought the life of a cockroach could be this interesting? The story of this insect avenger is unlike any other within African comics.

In Viper, we have a character we would typically not root for, become a fighter, an entertainer, a superhero and a beloved crusader who readers want to succeed at all costs. If the comments are any indicator, his tale is one that will be told for a long time.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this comic is the many pop-culture references that interlace the story. From Morpheus offering the red and blue pill to dodging flip-flop attacks in Matrix-style, to The Godfather references down to even Men In Black, the story of Viper delivers fun and a hilarious dose of pop-culture references. 

Another good thing going for the story is the style of Etu Prince Etu, the principal artist on the comic. The art doesn’t try to be perfect, instead, it simply conveys the story it intends to tell. In its simplicity, Viper is a gorgeous tale of a peerless hero.

Check out the story of Viper below or just go on TAG Comics’ Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Also, check out our thoughts on Danfo, another comic by TAG Comics.

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The Death of Viper (Part 1)

The Death (Part 2)

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