Squid Comic of the Week #1 – Danfo by TAG Comics

October 4, 20194 min read

It’s not a seahorse, it’s not a ship, it’s a cow — a squid cow. Hold your fins, that’s just Squid Comic of the Week! This week’s comic is Danfo.

Kicking off our Squid Cow Digest of African comics is Danfo from explosive publishing newcomer, TAG Comics. Danfo is the story of Emeka, a naive and kindhearted but weak and struggling Danfo driver in Lagos, Nigeria, who gains the blessing and protection of the Irawo Mejo. The Irawo Mejo are 9 ancient and powerful beings who hold the balance of the universe in their hands.

The universe has different ideas however and Emeka loses two of these beings to dishonest people, who will stop at nothing to gain control over them. Far off the coast of Lagos, a worldwide organization continues its hunt for the Irawo Mejo for their own nefarious desires. 

Will Emeka gain the strength to command these beings, ward off his pursuers and protect the world? We need more Danfo to find out.

Important Info About Danfo

Initial Release: August 20, 2019

Chapters: 3

Origin: Nigeria

Writing: TAG Comics

Art: Ogim Ekpezu

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: TAG Comics

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Likies ❤️

Mr Sule a character in Danfo by TAG comics


Danfo is well written. I enjoyed every bit of it. I love the way it brings you into this normal world and then transforms into an unordinary story. (like the Dusk till Dawn movie) 

I also enjoy the way, the writer through the characters explains how his magical world works (he showed us, not just tell us).


The misdirection in Danfo is brilliant. I went into the comic with the assumption that this would be some mad story about Danfo riders in Lagos. Possibly because I’ve been toying with the idea of trotros (the Ghanaian equivalent of Danfo) doing crazy things in Accra myself. I was excited by this. 

Reading about this fantasy world, cheating wives and dishonest men blew my mind! ?.  Like Tobi said, love how the character explains the mechanics of this fantasy world. 

Urgh ?

3 comic panels in Danfo showing the main character rush from home to try and get a ride to work in a chaotic city


I love manga but couldn’t stand the lack of colour in Danfo. I think some colour would work great in the comic. Especially because of its magical nature. I want to see the colour of magic in Lagos, I want to see yellow danfos. I want to smell Lagos through my screen, however that’ll be possible. Dear TAG Comics, a little fan service, please? 

Infinity and Beyond ?

Full page of a conductor screaming Ojuelegbaaa as he tries to woo passengers to his bus in the Danfo comic


Danfo has great potential to be a good comic in the long run if the writing is not watered down. I’m looking forward to how the protagonist uses his weapons to achieve his goals and combat the impending conflict.


Ojuelegbaaaaa! I’m dying to see how Emeka’s character develops in the future so he can earn the respect of all the Irawo Mejos. I also can’t wait to see what happens to Emeka’s traitorous wife. Lastly, I wonder what tech, powers and tricks the World Intelligence Agency has up its sleeves.

Read Danfo free of charge on this TAG comics page.

Irawo Mejo from Danfo by TAG Comics
Irawo Mejo

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