It’s not a seahorse, it’s not a ship, it’s a cow – a squid cow. Hold your fins, that’s just Squid Comic of the Week!

Part of our mission at Squid Magazine is to showcase and promote African comics to anyone with a mind to understand, eyes to see and ears to listen.  We’ve done quite a bit of that already via our social media, mainly Instagram and Twitter, and on the site – reviews, interviews, op-eds, features- and recently, Bahari Blue, our database of African comics, games, animation and more (not the digital art series).

All of this sadly, is woefully insufficient. We haven’t covered African comics enough and we need to remedy that.

Drumroll, Comic of the Week, or Squid CoW for short. We’ll showcase an African comic every week, ideally on Wednesday. In Squid CoW, we’ll showcase one-shot comics, graphic novels, anthologies, Instagram comics, serial comics and everything we can lay our hands on, be it free or paid.

Kugali Comic Club
Squid Cow will cover everything African comics

Why not just write reviews? We’ll still do that when we’re able to. However, writing reviews and detailed articles take a bit of time and time isn’t exactly a great friend right now. Thanks to that, Squid CoW will be a weekly digest of the latest African comics that have hit our radar. It’ll be accompanied by thoughts from our team members, mainly Kadi and Tobi

These thoughts will center around what we like, “likies ❤️,” what we dislike, “urgh 💔” and what we’re looking forward to, “infinity and beyond 💫”. It’ll be short, honest and a lot of fun. It’ll also be a great way to discover the latest African comics. For now, this will all be written content but we’ll soon scale that to podcasts and YouTube. 

Cheers to the future of Squid CoW!

No squids, cows or manatees were harmed in making this. Ink creativity.

Squid Cow Sea Cow manatee
Real Sea Cow called a manatee. Now imagine a Squid Cow. Don’t.


Feature illustration by Emrich Office. Manatee GIF via Buzzfeed.