You’re invited to the pilot screening of Tutu – An Untold Story of a Kingdom, a new animated project by AnimaxFYB Studios.

Have you seen any retelling of Ghanaian history that is not a documentary but a creative experience offering new perspectives and fresh insights? Not many? Even in 2019?  The African Film Society has a beautiful slogan, ”tell de story ooo” and it is in that shared spirit that animators in Ghana are beginning to take a chance with historical fiction using their artform. 

One such animator is Francis Brown and his AnimaxFYB Studios. The studio has to its credit, Agorkoli, an animated retelling of the migration story of the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo. Agorkoli is a great start in telling Ghanaian history through animation, but it’s the story of just one group of people in Ghana. How about the others?

On Friday, December 20th, AnimaxFYB Studios is set to launch a new animated project, Tutu – An Untold Story of a Kingdom at a “proof of concept” screening. Tutu tells the story of King Osei Tutu and the formation of the Ashanti Kingdom in the 17th century.

Historically, the Ashanti Kingdom in its prime was one of the greatest kingdoms in the world, and yet, most tellings of this important aspect of our history are either inaccurate, vague or both. The history makes for a compelling plot.

AnimaxFYB Studios says on the story of the Ashanti kingdom.
Tutu An Untold Story of a Kingdom AnimaxFYB Studios

The synopsis of Tutu – An Untold Story of a Kingdom reads:

Tutu: The Untold Story of a Kingdom tells the story of Osei Tutu and the rise of the 17th century Ashanti Kingdom located in modern-day Ghana. The main characters, Osei Tutu and Okomfo Anokye embark on a journey to unite divided Akan clans. Their epic adventure is filled with ingenuity, love, challenges, courage and a whole lot of magic!

The family-friendly animation conveys the theme of ‘united we stand, divided we fall‘ and aims to promote cultural pride and preserve African history. To do that on Tutu, AnimaxFYB Studios collaborated with historians, writers and creatives across Africa to make this important project as accurate as possible.

The screening of Tutu: The Untold Story of a Kingdom is scheduled to begin at 7 pm at Alliance Francaise.

Tutu Untold Story of a Kingdom

Planned activities during the event are the screening of Tutu – An Untold Story of a Kingdom, a panel discussion with AnimaxFYB animators and the head writer of the series, Yaw Firempong Boakye, a musical performance by Akan and a food and networking session.

Tickets for this event are going for GH¢20. Ticket purchase, sale or enquiries can be made by contacting AnimaxFYB Studios on all social media channels, @animaxfyb or by contacting the studio on +233 20 158 4719.

Tutu Characters

Osei Tutu

Osei Tutu main character in Tutu: Untold Story of a Kingdom

Young Osei Tutu is destined to be a ruler of a sub-clan. Thus, he is sent to Denkyira, the main palace, to learn the ways of a chief to ultimately serve under the ruling king.

Akomfo Anokye

Okomfo Anokye Animax FYB Studio Tutu

Anokye is born with great magical powers that make him simultaneously feared and loved. Curious with an exuberant spirit, he desperately wants to learn how to control his powers.

Abena Bensua

Abena Bensua character from Tutu: An Untold Story of a Kingdom

As the sister of the king, Abena Bensua is an important woman. After all, her child will be heir to the throne. But what happens when she falls for the handsome Osei Tutu?


Kyenekye character in Tutu an Untold Story of a Kingdom

Kynekye is an advisor to the King and the most powerful priest in the land – until Anokye comes to town! How far will Kyenekye go to maintain his power and influence?

About AnimaxFYB Studios

AnimaxFYB Studios is an animation, design and visual effects studio at East Legon, Accra. Primarily motivated by its vision to document, preserve and share authentic African stories through animation, its most notable historical animated movie is Agorkorli: Cause of Hogbetsotso.