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Warrior Queen Malika Needs Your Support – This is Why and How You Should Help

Warrior Queen Malika Needs Your Support – This is Why and How You Should Help


Just two years after his EXO: Legend of Wale Williams comic debut, Roye Okukpe and his YouNeek Studios imprint are back at it with Malika, Warrior Queen! If you haven’t yet read the preview, you should and here’s why.

For starters, the comic’s potential will make the dragons in your body quake with fiery excitement. 


The synopsis sings of a well crafted narrative that goes something like:

set in fifteenth century West Africa, it follows the exploits of warrior queen Malika’s struggles to maintain peace within her freshly united kingdom, while having to deal with the threat of the Ming Dynasty. And oh,  there’s the possibility of some Shaolin goodness on the horizon.


The art, for lack of an all encompassing phrase, dey pap! Chima Kalu and Raphael Kazeem make a natural combo that deliver a nice blend of color and proportions.


The protagonist is a motherly beast, tender with her offspring and ruthless with any that pose threats. She’s also got moves, is unafraid to spill blood and can slash five men at once with a sword!

S L I C E & D I C E
S L I C E & D I C E

It’s Roye Okukpe, the same guy behind EXO: Legend of Wale Williams. His calling into making comics is noble, laudable and inspiring. You have to give it to Roye’s drive, persistence and consistency. It’s inspiring, did I already say that? Well it is.


Finally, it’s a beautiful project that needs all the backing it can get on Kickstarter.

Download and read the preview for free here and don’t forget to back this beauty on Kickstarter here.

Mind you, there are some sweet rewards for grabs you shouldn’t pass on especially the opportunity to be illustrated as a character in the comic. Other perks include copies of EXO 1 & 2,  back page acknowledgements and a sponsor page to advertise yourself.

C H A R G E ! ! !
C H A R G E ! ! !

You can also support Malika by sharing with your networks; support isn’t limited to monetary pledges. You can additionally follow updates on the campaign by liking this Facebook page.

Squirt Creativity.

By Kadi Yao Tay (Scribe of Azzaz)

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