Keeping Up With the Continent: The First Kugali Comics Anthology

July 4, 20172 min read

Following the installment of annual events awarding iconic comic artists in Africa and the diaspora is the new innovation that is the Kugali Magazine. It is a monthly magazine by Kugali Media complete with over 60 pages of exclusive art, interviews and a selection of the best comics from across the continent. 

kugali Magazine Issue 0 illustrated by Juni Ba
Kugali Mag Issue 0 Front Cover Illustrated by Juni Ba

For those who don’t know, Kugali Media is an online community created by writer and podcaster Ziki Nelson along with Tolu Olowofoyeku and Macaulay Alvarez to help people discover and share the very best in African stories.

It is a diverse universe filled with top tier African games, movies, TV shows, comics and books. Think of Kugali as a database for African creativity that covers genres such as urban fantasy, cosplay, sci-fi, African mythology, superheroes, and the whole nine yards! 

It features a forum for digital art, weekly top selection of comics, an artist spotlight program, a podcast (formerly Tao of Otaku) and now, a monthly magazine.

Kugali comic collage
Dunamis, Razor Man, Oro

The pilot issue is free but needs at least 2000 pre-orders to bring the project to life by the end of August. You’ll have your money refunded if this target isn’t met, but we can’t have that now can we?

What to expect? Some of our favourite comics from Salim Busuru (Dunamis), Bill Masuku (Razor Man) and Mad Comics! Gbenle Maverick (Oro).

Let’s all support this great win for African creativity by subscribing to the magazine – you get a free digital copy of Issue #0 when you do. Win-win right?

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