Spoof Comics’ Fantastical Four African Comic Releases

June 9, 20175 min read

 A while ago, Ayodele Elegba’s Spoof Animations announced they would be releasing four exciting titles to kickstart their efforts into the world of comics. Spoof initially focused the greater part of its efforts on animation but has also been making strides to enter the world of comics. Ayodele Elegba is the creator of Strike Guard which is arguably one of the most popular African comic books today. 

Four exciting titles from Spoof Comics
The fantastic four

Spoof has had fans in nerve-racking anticipation for their comics starting a few months ago.  The wait is finally over and the comics are scheduled for release tomorrow, June 10, 2017. The much anticipated titles include Vantage #1, Boxsa #1, Jinx #1 and finally, the title that most intrigues me, Voyager: Space adventure #1.


Out of the four, Boxsa seems the most down to earth. I anticipate it will be a story emphasizing heavily on drama and tragedy, with a bit of action here and there to keep readers thrilled and bring a sense of realism with it’s gritty and possibly morose setting. That said, if not done well, my guess is, it can get boring pretty quickly and exhaust the plot before it’s due.

I, however, trust that Spoof has contingencies in place in the event of such a thing happening. I am also confident in the creative minds up at Spoof to capitalise on the numerous dynamics to the story and the never-ending sea of possibilities. I remain skeptical all of these will fit without altering the story’s core. That said, this is most definitely a title both Spoof and the readers are going to have a lot of fun with.


Jinx comic cover by Spoof Comics, an African comic publisher. The cover depicts a godly lady with spider like dreadlocks and a golden glow in her eyes.

Jinx is the story that seems to fascinate me the least among the four! The story is obviously more fantasy than anything else. I imagine the characters’ personal qualms will integrate nicely into the overall plot but I still can’t shake the feeling she is eventually going to be revealed to be some “chosen one” or some trope of the sort. The story seems like it will be quite generic.

A typical female lead thrust into a world she does not fully understand but burdened with responsibilities no youth could possibly be prepared for. That notwithstanding, such stories are always an exciting ride. Along her journey she is bound to meet memorable characters and face crippling challenges, it seems like the safest way to go but without a doubt, it will still be a little tricky to handle!


Vantage by Spoof Comics

Vantage seems like the typical superhero guy and that put me off personally. That said, I can’t help but keep noticing the whole “heroes need love” vibe. That leaves me wondering if this isn’t going to be another typical Peter Parker. Or perhaps, this will be something I have never come across before? I hope the title impresses, but at the moment, I don’t have my hopes so high.


voyager by Spoof Comics

Voyager is the one I really look forward to. Whether Spoof knows it or not, this story has a big responsibility. As one of the first African stories venturing into space travel and – most likely – utilizing futuristic themes, Voyager has a duty to present a fresh take on these concepts.

Voyager is expected to present the African perspective when it comes to matters like space travel and future technologies. It will be highly disappointing if it closely mirrors Star Trek, Star Wars, Gundam or anything of the sort. I expect it to bring something fresh and unprecedented and for all our sakes that better be the case.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what is in store for us! Spoof definitely looks like they are coming in strong so all the other major players better look lively!

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