• April 13, 2017By Kevin Sampong

    Comics and Smoothies is over, unfortunately! The much anticipated informal gathering as Vortex Comics’ Somto Ajuluchukwu put it proved to a success. There was quite the turnout. The turnout was, in fact, bigger than expected. This gathering aimed to bring to the fore the various challenges facing the (African comics, games and animation) industry movement – we aren’t

  • January 8, 2017By Kadi

    Squid Mag, the home of African comics, games, animation and fresh funky art. 2016 is technically our sophomore year in sharing content around African comics, animation and games although it does feel like freshman year. It was a testing-the-waters kind of phase that we’re thrilled to have experienced. An experience that has us, Squid Mag

  • December 8, 2016By Kevin Sampong

    Superheroes or warriors? Whose job is to save dear Africa in the pages of our comics and in real life? It’s a beautiful day in the park and everything is going just fine. Kids are flying their kites, old buddies laugh as they reminisce the good old days. There’s a teenage couple making out in one corner