Giveaway: Win Free Art Prints From Brilliant Nigerian Illustrator, Etubi Onucheyo

July 5, 20172 min read

If you love great digital art, African comics, Mumu Juju, comedy and are presently in Nigeria, Christmas came really early for you via the new Santa, Etubi Onucheyo!

How, you ask? Through his Mumu 5k Giveaway where he gives away three out of 20 pieces in his “this is who we are but you didn’t care” series.

Why? To celebrate the 5 thousand lovely Instagram accounts that follow him and his fantastic portfolio.

We seriously wonder why there aren’t more people following him. Wait a sec, you don’t follow his world of color? What’s wrong with you? Hurry on here and follow him.

Art by Etubi Onucheyo
The Giveaways

What’s the catch? Eh…

Just follow these guidelines and make sure you’ve got luck on your side. The guidelines? See below:

  1. Regram (repost) your desired Etubi Onucheyo art piece, hashtagged #mumu5kgiveaway and don’t forget to tag Etubi Onucheyo.
  2. Be present in Nigeria for the duration of the giveaway.
  3. Repost just once.
  4. Only Instagram posts will be considered because in his own words, “it’s on Instagram I got the 5k followers”.

The winner will be randomly picked based on likes by Etubi.
Why he’s really doing this? He says,

I like to celebrate milestones and for me, this is one of them. I originally wanted to do a free sketch of a follower but I wanted it to actually be something tangible. That’s the giveaway.

If only shipping costs weren’t such a leech, this could have applied across the continent as well. Cheers to the lucky winner.

Oh lest we forget, it’s on for just three days. Friday, July 7 is the deadline so hurry, hurry, hurry and do bless your decor with very unique art.

Keep up with Etubi’s fantastic brush strokes and colour adventures on Instagram and ArtStation, you’ll love it – promise.

By KaDi aka Mumu Reader.

Ink Creativity!

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