Squid Alley With Kevin Blackmore

July 9, 20174 min read

We’re starting something new and exciting at Squid Mag that you’ll totally love. We’re granting you- with 9 questions – an all-access pass into the backyards of some of the best illustrators, graphic designers and comic writers across the continent. We’re calling it the Squid Alley -à la artist alley – and it is intended to offer a window into the lives of these amazing artists, every week!

We consider all the artists we interview Squid Heroes – Squidoes for the funk appeal -and for our first artist, it’s only proper that we talk to the talent behind our logo, Kevin Blackmore, a wonderful graphic designer, a nerd, one of the earliest promoters of Ghanaian hip-hop music through his NVNT Studios brand and an all round great guy to work with.
Let’s dive in.

What are your go-to tools?


KB: A pen and a clean sheet of paper.

What inspires you?

squid magazine X
Squid Mag logo designed by Kevin Blackmore

KB: Random cartoony art and video games; preferably indie games.

What challenges do you face?

KB: Not being around creative people most of the time; kills me everyday.

What’s your favorite and most fun piece you’ve ever worked on? 


KB: A paper cup I drew on 5 years ago; still have it!

Who do you absolutely listen to when you work?

KB: I tend to make numerous playlists of different music from years ago, music that makes me smile when I remember situations I was in or experiences…I like that a lot.

You have 24hrs in the Squid Time Tunnel to change something about your past. What would it be and why?

KB: I’m clueless.


What do you do for fun? 

KB: Play video games and day dream.

What’s your hope for African comics, games, and animation in the next 3 years?

KB: To be awesome in every way possible and to have our own unique identity. I want to see another video game made by Africans on the PS Store or Xbox Store apart from Broforce from South Africa.

The TRIOmphant Bonus: Who are your top 3 African creatives across comics, games, animation, music, technology; whatever?

KB: I like what Adjo Kisser is doing with her characters. I saw a wall she covered at the Nubuke Foundation and a few others online. I also like – a lot – what Charles Lawson is doing; I like his photography.

For music,?I don’t know yet. There’s so much from Ghana; we are on the come up and it’s amazing – and Squid Mag, it’s nice bringing all of us together.

See the latest updates from Kevin Blackmore on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr.
Ink Creativity!

Images sourced from IUB, Montage GH.

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