#DrawingWhileBlack: Highlighting African Artists You Never Knew About

#DrawingWhileBlack: Highlighting African Artists You Never Knew About 

#DrawingWhileBlack is hands down one of the best trends the internet has ever seen. The hashtag trend, started by Ghanaian-American artist Annabelle, was created to appreciate and celebrate black artists worldwide. The trend did way more than that; it brought out hundreds of crazy talented artists we had absolutely no idea about. For us, the best part is that about 44% of #DrawingWhileBlack posts were from black people here in Africa! Even the tweet with the highest retweets/shares of all posts on the hashtag came from Ghanaian artist Benjamin Kwashie! *dances excitedly*
We took the time to sift through the beauty that is #DrawingWhileBlack and compiled some of our favourite posts by not-so-popular artists around the continent. If you love them (they’ll definitely give you goosebumps), do share, follow and support their talents.
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For even more art goodness, check out KaDi‘s favourite #DrawingWhileBlack moments.
By Fafa Macauley.

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