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Fear Faces The Music (Or Something Like That) In Comic Republic's Double Release

Fear Faces The Music (Or Something Like That) In Comic Republic's Double Release

This weekend promises to be tons of fun with the release of two comic titles via Comic Republic. The publisher is ready to drop the fourth issue of the dark and fearful Eru comic. What was that? You haven’t read or heard about Eru? You do yawa! We’d totally love to go into it for you but the folks over at Naija Komics Online do a wonderful job of it here. Okay, fine, we’ll bite.

eru.jpgA description from Kugali reads:

Eric Kukoyi is not a normal man. He doesn’t age or sleep. He lectures at the University of Lagos, also doubling as a part-time psychiatrist and parapsychologist. When night dawns, where creatures haunt corners and crime rears its head, he becomes the one thing any of them will ever fear, he becomes fear itself. Bound by oath to haunt the night as a force of retribution. The people of this city have called him many names, but one echoes the loudest… ERU fear itself, walks among us.

All we can say for now is, Eru is not your usual run of the mill comic. Whatever the creator, Tobe Max Jaegar drinks for inspiration, we don’t want to know. We love our sanity!

The other release is something that hasn’t be teased as much as other Comic Republic titles and frankly leaves us clueless. We don’t know what or who the story is about. Our best guess is that it has to do with music thanks to the title and cover photo. If we had to guess further, we’d say the man on the cover (who we can only assume to be the protagonist) can control sound. He’s probably a rapper. Who knows? Or, he could be a speedster (this is overreaching but hey, we allowed to speculate).
Beatz looks like it will be mad exciting especially because of the names involved. There’s Akintoba Kalejaye of Visionary:Ascenscion  fame, Michael “Balox” Balogun of…eh, Comic Republic fame (he’s everywhere) and Adeleye Yussuf, the “apprentice is now the master” colorist of Ireti Bidemi fame.
The comics will be released at the ComicConnect Africa event so do make it to the event to get, wait for it….hard copies of the comics.
Catch up with previous issues of Eru while you anticipate Saturday here and totally check out this thrilling video teaser below.
Squirt Creativity.

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