African Comic Cover Art Appreciation – Week 2 Recap

November 16, 20165 min read

The second week of our African Comic Cover series was science fiction heavy, augmented by kilojoules of magical fantasy! From the dystopian Wrath House to Versus, a fantastical space opera, to enhanced humans such as EXO and the kids in Hero Generation to the mecha dog packs in Ganyamuto to the wacky bros in Mumu Juju,  the second week has been all levels electrifying.

Here’s this weeks’ recap.

Wrath House Comic Cover

Wrath House

Starting our second week of African comic covers is Wrath House. The comic follows the exploits of a group of rebels who fight against oppressive, pseudo-religious systems. The comic is set in a very distant future that features advanced technology, nuclear wastelands, extraterrestrials and everything you can look forward to in a dystopian sci-fi. The comic is created and written by the Kalu brothers, Chima and Kelly and published by Vortex Comics.

Razor-Man Comic Cover

Razor Man
Razor-Man by Bill Masuku

Zimbabwe’s red masked vigilante, Razor Man is on a mission to strike fear and a sense of justice in the heart of Harare’s crime-infested underground and also save the city’s unwilling guinea pigs. Relying on his own tech and smarts, Razor-Man battles villains like the one in the comic cover above. Razor Man is the creation of @billmasukuart

Versus Comic Cover

Versus issue 5 comic cover

VERSUS is a fantastical space opera written by Niyi Adeniji with art by Dayo Animashaun. The comic, spanning 15 issues weaves magic, technology, swords, weird worlds and interesting art to craft a compelling story.

Hero Generation


Michael Balox Balgoun & Tobe Max Specter Ezeogu’s Hero Generation is a comic about parahumans, a race of genetically advanced beings that to the world, don’t exist. The comic follows the exploits of a team of four parahuman teenagers who decide to use their powers to save lives, a team the world knows as THE EXTREMES. The comic is published by Comic Republic and can be read over at their website along with other titles here.

E.X.O. : The Legend of Wale Williams

E.X.O. Legend of Wale Williams by Roye Okupe

E.X.O. – The Legend of Wale Williams is a superhero story about redemption, set in a futuristic 2025 Africa! The plot follows Wale Williams who inherits a suit with superpowers from his missing father. Tricked into returning home, Wale embarks on a journey to investigate his father’s mysterious disappearance. E.X.O. was written and created by Roye Okupe.

You can place an order here.


Ganyamuto comic cover
Ganyamuto by Tinodiwa Zambe Makoni

Imagine humanoid dogs, cannon blasters, plasma guns, mechas and villains called Darklaw, in an alternate dimension where humans are extinct (and possibly myths). That is Ganyamuto, a fable about a stubborn, reckless pup prophesied to save his world from an impending apocalypse. The comic was authored by Tinodiwa of ComeXposed, a geek collective promoting geek culture within Zimbabwe.

Mumu Juju

Mumu Juju gist 1 comic cover

Initially, a school project, the humorous Mumu Juju tells the story of two tight partners, Mortar and Pestle, who have an insatiable hunger to rid the world of evil. The duo must pay debts to an Auntie Ejule, a rumored witch and Kenga, a deity who is quick to assert his authority by demanding, “Are you my mate?!”

The dialogue in this comic is fresh and nostalgic especially for Nigerian pidgin lovers and the art served is delicious. Get a preview dose here or buy the issues here. (text via ACCRA[dot]ALT)

This is fun and we’re enjoying ourselves.  What comic covers would you love to see?  What do the covers mean to you? How much influence do covers have over your decision to read a comic?

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