Avonome #7 Is Simply A Visual Delight But It’s Got Naruto In The Details

April 21, 20179 min read

Since issue 1, Comic Republic’s Avonome has proven to be one of the finest titles in the Nigerian comic scene, mostly due to its commendable artwork, and issue 7 is no exception. Stanley “Stanch” Obende (line artist and creator) has shown consistency in the quality of his art and continually improves with each release. First of all, his lines are so divine, gifting each character a thrilling body structure.

Speaking of characters, the designs are rather unique. While each character is marvellously designed to exude that African vibe, I can’t help but recall some of my favourite Japanese characters. This is not a bad thing. It just means that the penciler is dope enough to represent the Mother Land internationally.

Cover of Avonome published by Comic Republic
The Kirijis – Image from alternate cover of Avonome #5

The colours are mesmerising as well. Sure enough, Etubi Onucheyo (creator of Mumu Juju) continues to impress and has done a great job on this piece. The star-studded combination of Stanley’s lines and Etubi’s colors make this African comic book a visual delight. We want more, and cherish every single page thanks to this.

Etubi and Stanley definitely make an awesome pair. Avonome’s visuals really knock us out. Whoop, whoop! This is why the Squid Mag crew and I cherish every single page and we’re hungry for more! Etubi and Stanley make an awesome pair.

It just means that the penciler is dope enough to represent the Mother Land internationally.


This is honestly the first time I’m totally satisfied with Avonome’s storytelling. It was a bit confusing having all those exciting characters and their punchy names, but not knowing their relationship to the protagonist’s journey.  As far as I could tell, the story had no compelling problematic (dramatic tension). That’s why I kept asking myself, how is Avonome’s concept unique? Why should anyone decide to follow the series? 

After reading this 7th instalment, however, I must admit, Valada Xavier Ighorodje (the creative writer) has definitely cleared all my interrogations. This chapter brilliantly completes Avonome’s character development as she grows from ignorance to knowledge, death to life, purposeless to laser-focused.

Avonome was initially just looking for answers to questions such as, Who am I? Where am I? Why don’t I have memories of my past life? This left us with a strong but ignorant character in search of her identity.  Avonome is probably the strongest woman in the Comic Republic universe. She gets some answers after she is killed by the merciless Ajobara.

Somehow, Death opened her eyes.

Avonome eventually learns that her spirit contains a piece of a powerful relic known only as the Catalogia. Turns out that the Catalogia is at the centre of interest of a legendary entity called Ash Razak. ASH RAZAK! What a thrilling name!

This badass, god-like being, reminds me a lot of Kaguya (of the Naruto-verse) and doesn’t seem like the kind of dude you should give freedom to. I can’t help but find similarities between Naruto’s story and Avonome’s as a result.

Why? Because, sealed within Naruto is a powerful entity known as Kurama, aka Kyuubi (or the nine-tails demon fox). Kurama is the centre of interest of the evil organisation, Akatsuki (while Avonome is…). The demon fox is only a piece of what is needed to secretly satisfy Kaguya’s ambition… just like Avonome, the Catalogia, and Ash Razak.

Avonome rises from the dead; again!

Ash Razak is so powerful and evil, that even the Kirijis (fearless beings who can kill gods) pee their pants hearing his name. Mind you, these Kirijis look so badass, especially Ozeba, a powerful old lady who can show you the devil’s face through her eye. One would think that she and her kin could take down Ash Razak; no sweat, no questions asked. I expect this much from such a deadly looking bunch. But nope, the Kirijis can’t and they don’t hide it.

Ash Razak & Ōtsutsuki

This recent issue establishes Avonome’s driving ambition, as she vows to protect her piece of The Catalogia from landing in evil hands. This sets her on a quest to save the world that means a lot to her as much as it does to every hero.

Ighorodje’s storytelling skill is commendable for how he has crafted each character with a distinct voice. It is important that I highlight this point because some writers tend to neglect this part of character development. Characters are a reflection of human beings, and each human being is unique. Furthermore, people don’t all sound the same and that’s what makes them unique and interesting.

The Squid Mag crew and I cherish every single page and we’re hungry for more! Etubi and Stanley make an awesome pair.

A good example would be the interaction between Avonome and the spirits, Red and Blue. Red is a sadistic character representing the deepest and most bestial desires while Blue has a more critical and moralising persona. Their individuality leaps through the pages and we witness both spirits struggle to have Avonome follow one rather than the other. One can easily draw a link between this interaction and Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the psyche where Red represents the Id, while Blue represents the Superego; both only willing to fulfill their own goals.

Avonome – Structural Model of the Psyche

On the contrary, the Spirit of Neutrality (who reflects the Ego) comes to balance Red and Blue’s needs in order to let Avonome make a choice that suits her. Avonome ultimately makes up her mind while acknowledging that she will need Red and Blue’s help in order to achieve her goal.
This ingenuity makes the story even more exquisite and rather tasty. Miam-Miam!

Ighorodje’s storytelling skill is commendable for how he has crafted each character with a distinct voice.

Talk about a brilliant way to reignite a reader’s interest indeed! I’m now very eager to see how a mortal will achieve something that even the Kirijis cannot do.


Seems like Mr Ighorodje has successfully convinced me that Avonome is a unique and compelling story unlike from the get-go. He achieved this by unveiling the story’s dramatic question; will Avonome be able to protect the universe from the indomitable Ash Razak?

In conclusion, as tension rises from Avonome #7, I can only advise you to buckle up for the rollercoaster ride ahead as the realm within goes through a time of turbulence.

Dive into the world of Avonome by either reading the latest issue here or binging on previous issues here.

Avonome is published by the Comic Republic. All images were pulled from the 7th issue of the Avonome comic book while the Kaguya image by DeviantArt user, whiterabbit20 (aka Alice).

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