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Guardian Prime #8 – Never Disrespect the Gods! 

Comic Republic‘s Guardian Prime #8, where do I begin? It’s stunning and compelling. The art (lines and colors) is better and the story thankfully, steers further away from it’s Superman inspiration.

oh-my screengrab from Guardian Prime

The issue starts off with a supposedly off-duty GP playing honored guest at a Nigerian independence day celebration. He has the Extremes, (his sidekick team of para-humans) taking care of minor business.

Fast forward to a confrontation an inquisitional and cautionary meeting with Jade Waziri, the no-nonsense NACSS director who’s recently been messing with powers beyond her, powers directly related to GP.
But she’s not the only noob who’s been messing with the unknown, so has the USA and that’s where things get interesting…….

The Americans have figured out a way to tap and manipulate trans-dimensional energy for various uses, including and hopefully not limited to super soldiers. But hold your horses! This new-found energy is actually the essence of a spirit realm of Nigerian deities.

What’s more? This soldier, Jerome Shabaz Malik- a guinea pig really – is actually Nigerian, or he was until the US visa lottery (formerly Kunle Kamal, warlord and GP’s longtime adversary).

No, he didn’t win it, he simply renounced Naija in search of a, better life, aka, getting paid to serve American interests, good or bad as Union Guard. This came via the Lester Proposal, an aggressive Brain and Brawn Drain recruitment policy.

But that’s not as important as the introduction of Nigerian deities who DO NOT TAKE SACRILEGE LIGHTLY, at all!

IVRUWIH the Aggressor in Guardian Prime
IVRUWIH the aggressor

Turns out the Americans have been trespassing on sacred ground, but so have the Nigerians. The difference is, the Nigerians pay proper respect and follow rules. Their American allies, however, not in the least and that has the ire of the gods, Ivruwih especially, who teaches Union Guard a lesson on godly obeisance.

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GP takes a back seat in all of the fighting because of international maritime border regulations. Superhero or not, there are laws and he’s not about to trespass on American soil, Union Guard will make sure of that.
But, he just might in the next issue, to save Union Guard’s neck. We’ll have to wait.

union guard vs Guardian Prime
Union Guard

This issue easily doubles as social commentary on identity and patriotism, African brain drain and alas, energy consumption! How we use so much without regard to the earth that nourishes our desires. And if you’re feeling up to it, this could also be a reference to child labor employed in places like the Congo that mines the materials that power the devices we’re so addicted to. Lots of speculation but I’m sure you follow.

Oh, lest I forget, Ghana featured in there somewhere, although as an afterthought. Which makes me wonder. What would a Ghanaian Guardian prime look like based on our national flag?

As always, impressive art by Stanley Obende (lines) and Michael Balogun (colors); I’m calling this duo StanchX for now. And of course, splendid writing from Wale Awelenje.

Guardian Prime 8 packs a punch and you should read it at this link (or download in PDF or CBR) or catch up on previous chapters here.

Ink Creativity.

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  1. Ossi Ijeoma

    I love the focus on native gods 😃
    One small correction however; the Union Jack refers to BRITAIN, not the USA. It refers to the British flag made of the flags of Scotland
    , Ireland, England and Wales. It got confusing when you put Union Jack along with Union Guard.

    1. jasetay

      Oh my bad! I thought I corrected that. Thanks for pointing it out. Cheers mate!

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