ComicUp 1: Get this Zimbabwean Comic Anthology for Free!

November 27, 20161 min read

A hunt for purely African Comics will return an ocean of Nigerian titles. While this is a testament to the tremendous effort being put in by Nigerian creators, it is wholly unrepresentative of the continent.

Thankfully, our friends over at ComExposed are making their presence known and what better way to do that than a comic anthology?!


Ahead of their second anthology release next month, our Zimbabwean comrades are offering their first anthology, ComicUp #1, absolutely FREE!

All you have to do is navigate here, fill in the details, check your email and bada-boom! Jump into the world of Zimbabwean comics.


ComicUp is described by ComExposed as Zimbabwe’s premier anthology comic book, that brings together the best of Zimbabwean comics from multiple creators. Seven (7) unique stories with fantastic heroes, amazing adventures and a side of Zimbabwe you’ve never seen before.

ComicUp #1 features Ganyamuto, Umzingeli (which was one of the highlights of ComExposed’s Al Jazeera feature), The Gift, Ngoda Chronicles, Arcadia Knight, Garanyazha and Black Zeus.


Catch up with ComExposed’s activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website for updates.

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