Ghanaian Webtoon Far From Accra Turns Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland into Reality

November 14, 20233 min read

  • Far From Accra is a zombie webtoon by Ghanaian artist Ian Quhachi
  • It reimagines the side effects of the COVID vaccines as a zombification drug.

Have you received your COVID vaccine? How about your booster shots? Yes? No? Are you perhaps like many with an irrational fear of the vaccine? Are you perhaps afraid you and your family might turn into zombies because of the vaccine? 

Well strap up nerds, Ian Kwakye (aka Ian Quahachi) has just the webtoon to fuel your irrational fears in his debut web comic, Far From Accra.

Zombie Silhouette in Far From Accra webtoon

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a city – most likely Accra – is hit by a COVID-56 variant that takes millions of people clean out. Those are evidently the lucky ones because when I say the rest are living in fear, I mean it – they are terrified!

The remaining survivors are torn between preserving the memories of their loved ones and preserving themselves from the zombies. They must fight their lost friends and families to see another sunrise without turning into brainless, drooling savages. 

Survivors are thrown in a dillemma – respect and honour the memories of your family with love and care or fight for your bloody life?

Survivor in zombie comic Far From Accra by Ian Kwakye

With Ian’s vivid art style, you’ll be asking yourself too. The art has a grit to it that forces the horror of this wasteland off the pages into seeming reality. It’s a beautiful blend of gorgeous and terror (to come) that leaps off the pages. 

There’s just one episode (which reads more like a prequel) so far, titled Echoes of Hope. We’re yet to be introduced to our main heroes and what they’ll go through. We can only imagine at this point and eagerly await next updates. 

Survivor vs Zombie in Far From Accra webtoon

There aren’t many webtoons from Ghanaian (and African) creators so we’re pretty pumped each time we come across one. This looks like it’ll be a fun story and we can’t wait, because you know…zombies! 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

Damn the one time being vaccinated doesn’t save your ass, the anti-vaxx aunties just might love this one. 

Go check out this Ghanaian webtoon and tell us what you think! 

Also see some of Ian Kwakye’s art on Instagram

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