Creative Beans Monthly Showcase

February 1, 20242 min read

Welcome to the Creative Beans monthly showcase, where we take a look at some of our favorite projects shared by African creatives on the internet. Our goal is to highlight work on the continent that truly deserves all the fire emojis in the world. We’ll be featuring work from 10 creatives every month, ideally from projects released within the month.

Quick Confession: in our minds, this was supposed to be a magazine, but unfortunately we’re not that rich yet so we’ll stick with medium for free for now.

Also, don’t ask us how we’re Making The selections. Hopefully, the standards of the projects speak for themselves. We’ll release a comprehensive guide as time goes on for how to get a feature (If we blow), but for now, it’s just inshallah, vibes, and cool stuff.

Why creative beans? Because we don’t like to overthink names on this side of life 😂.

Beans or Beanz (depending on which you fancy more) is simply our own spin on beings. Creative Beanz is simply, Creative Human Beings.

We’re the largest central database of creative talent in Ghana.

Creative Beans

We’re not another portfolio website, Fiverr, Upwork, or creative community. We exist to help you do one thing. You can find the perfect creative partner for your projects. This is our vision, emboldened by the minds of Emmanuel Dankyi, Kingsley Hemans and Kadi Yao Tay.

Learn more at https://creativebeanz.xyz.

Why are we doing this? Peep our Pitch deck below and help us on our missions.

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