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June 7, 202410 min read

Creative Beans May 2024 Issue as documented by Emmanuel Dankyi

Hi guys, it’s me again, your favorite monthly creative blog reporting for duty☺️. I’m a little late on this one because life was really lifing this May and we almost didn’t make it but we’re here. 😮‍💨

But before we begin, tell me why my gas decides to finish in the middle of cooking jollof on a Sunday evening amidst a 24+ hour blackout 😩. The worst part? that was my highlight for the month lmao 🥲. But we’re not here to talk about me today.

We struggled a little to find new people sharing dope work this month, but it all worked out in the end. We’ve got some amazing, and very diverse talent on display in this piece today. Let’s dive in!

PS: If you’re reading this and you know some cool African creatives we should follow, don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the end of the piece. tenkyew.

Creative Beans Monthly Showcase 04 curated by .ed (Emmanuel Dankyi)
Feature cover image by Cerwah.

Cerwah 🇬🇭

One thing I love about her work is just how peaceful and refreshing her designs and presentations always look. We particularly love this recent branding project for a male self-care brand, because it’s not what we’d typically think of when we think of male self-care, it’s a very different approach and we love how clean and attractive the project looks. I’d totally patronize this product. Check out some more of her work here.

Isaac Adewumi 🇳🇬

Isaac’s post found us on LinkedIn one random afternoon. It’s a very short product visualization video, but we love the simplicity in the compositions, the animation, and the quick match cuts to deliver the message and show the product in a very short time. Do check out the full video on his LinkedIn linked below.

Eri Umusu 🇳🇬

A CG artist and 3D character animator. So, he’s created this character called Dupssea, taking her on a journey and building potentially relatable stories about her. We think it’s a clever idea, we love the character and we can’t wait to see how the story progresses. Check out his page for some delicious CG work and check out Duppsea’s page while you’re at it.

looping GIF image of a girl dancing with African moves animated by Eri Umusu and featured in Creative Beans monthly showcase.

Dan Brown The Artist 🇳🇬

This dude is just hilarious. You go on his page and you might get stuck watching funny animations for a long time 😂. But there’s one particular video he shared in collaboration with two other popular skit animators that caught our eye and it’s linked below. Check it out, and give him a follow if you can.

JAGS 🇬🇭 🇳🇬

Think of all the dope music videos you’ve seen recently that made you go “wawuu this is fire!” he probably directed it. He’s a visionary film director with very creative ideas that make his work stand out. I’m sure his way of thinking allows all other creators who work with him to enjoy the process. He’s always up to something new and interesting. His recent project with King Promise is why he’s on this list today. We’ll drop a snippet of what it looks like but do check him out here to see what else he’s been up to.

Akwesi Baah 🇬🇭

Talk of making magic with basic everyday things we experience. Akwesi Baah is an award-winning food photographer who loves to disturb people’s stomachs with mouthwatering food shots. If you’ve lived in Ghana long enough, you’ve probably seen some of his work for big brands around. In this article, we feature this beautiful drink shoot he did with natural window light on the center table in his living room. The composition and light bending skill shown in the shots are just beautiful. We added one other shot in there from another project just because 😍. Check out more of his work here

7e B055🇬🇭

Pronounced “Le Boss” 😄. I’ve been following him for a while and I must say I’m really impressed with how fast he keeps growing and improving his animation and his art.

He released a short animation last month and we’re stunned by the level of skill and complexity shown in the short. We have a short snippet in the article but do check out the full animation here. It looks really dope.

Daniel Amao 🇳🇬

An award-winning filmmaker from Nigeria whose filming and editing skills are something to marvel at. He’s not your average “video guy”. One thing in particular we love about Daniel’s work is his ability to go the extra mile to sprinkle some “wow juice” onto his work as well as his attention to detail, putting in things most people will probably not notice but impactful when missing in the work. The project he shared which landed him on this list is a recent video he worked on in collaboration with Infinix. Check out the full project & breakdown on his page here.

DANIEL AMAO ||📍NIGERIA🇳🇬 on Instagram: “40sec cut out from the video i edited ✂️ for INFINIX…

390 likes, 65 comments – danielamao_ on May 23, 2024: “40sec cut out from the video i edited ✂️ for INFINIX NIGERIA…


Mike Anim 🇬🇭

Instead of waiting to print, or publish a full comic book (which I reckon would be quite an expensive or stressful endeavor), This guy just decided to turn his Instagram page into a living breathing comic book library full of his comics, utilizing the carousel feature. I think that’s genius, and I think he has a really good story going as his most recent project is still running.
We’ve shared part one here, but if you’re into authentic African stories and you’re looking for a good comic to read, visit his Instagram for the full series

Lota 🇳🇬

Last but not least, we have Lota, a brilliant product designer among other things, focused on using design to solve real-life problems for brands and products. As most creatives do, we sometimes struggle with trying to make things perfect and end up pushing back greatness. But after potentially what might have been a few years of working on it, she finally launched her portfolio website and I must say it’s an interesting one, focusing less on the visuals and more on the problems vs solutions provided. It’s a really well-written website and I enjoyed going through the projects. Check it out here.

Who was your favorite? leave a comment and let us know. ☺️

We hope you enjoyed last month’s list and that you’re adding some cool creatives to your social feed for inspiration. Meet us here earlier next month for your monthly dose of dope creatives to follow.

If you’re a creative person reading this, we’re building something cool for you.

Otherwise, run along and have an awesome May. See ya next month!

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