From Gotham to Yaoundé: The Joker Gets a Pan-African Makeover in this DC x Zebra Comics Collaboration

May 27, 20242 min read

Holy Bat-Signal! The Joker’s going global, y’all. Get ready for a fresh take on the iconic villain as he gets reimagined for the African continent. This isn’t your typical Gotham City throwdown – we’re talking African storytelling with a superhero twist.

Zebra Comics, a powerhouse publisher out of Cameroon, is teaming up with DC Comics to bring you “Joker, The World: Black Therapy,” the first-ever Joker story created by African comic book creators. Dr. Ejob Gaius, a medical doctor by day and comic writer by night, is weaving the tale, while Bertrand Mbozo’o Zeh is on art duty. Expect a deep dive into the Joker’s psyche, but with a uniquely African twist – imagine him wreaking havoc in the bustling markets of Yaoundé or plotting chaos with Mount Cameroon as a backdrop.

DC Zebra Comics Joker The World- Black Therapy

This landmark collaboration is a game-changer for the African comics industry. For too long, superhero narratives have been dominated by Western perspectives. “Black Therapy” shatters that mold, bringing fresh voice and vibrancy to the Joker mythos. It’s more than just a comic book – it’s a cultural touchstone sparking conversations about representation, mental health, and the power of storytelling through a fresh lens.

This collaboration with DC represents a monumental leap forward for African representation in the global comic book industry. We are immensely proud to pioneer this endeavor, introducing a new and original version of The Joker to a worldwide audience, while showcasing the unparalleled talent and creativity of African storytellers.

Ejob Nathaniel Ejob (Founder, Zebra Comics)
Joker La Monde: Thérapie Noire par DC et Zebra Comics

“Black Therapy” drops on 17 September 2024, and it’s gonna be a wild ride. This project is a testament to the exploding African comics scene, and we’re here for it. So buckle up, true believers, because the future of African comics is looking mighty global!

Pre-order Joker: The World Black Therapy here and stay up to date on the Zebra Comics website.

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