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March 1, 20246 min read

Welcome to the Creative Beans monthly showcase, where we take a look at some of our favorite projects shared by African creatives on the internet. Our goal is to highlight work on the continent that truly deserves all the fire emojis in the world. We’ll be featuring work from 10 creatives every month, ideally from projects released within the month.

Why creative beans? Because we don’t like to overthink names on this side of life 😂 we’ll explain further later. Check our introductory post on Creative Beans for an explanation.

Creative Beans February 2024 Issue

Now all the formalities are out of the way, let’s dive into our top 10 favorite projects (and creators) for February (in no particular order).

Creative Beans 01 showcase curated by Emmanuel Dankyi
Art by Yebsketch

Yaw BoCa, Motion Designer. 🇬🇭

We love this logo animation collection he shared, with a number of logos he’s brought to life. Check out the full project here

Dozie Franklin, 3D & 2D Motion Designer 🇳🇬

Dozie’s motion reel captured our attention because it showed range, from 3D motion to 2D motion, title openers and a few other things. Feel free to check out his reel here.

Aseye Fiagbe, Art Director & Product Photographer 🇬🇭

Loving the color work, the direction and concepts for this sankofa photoshoot. Check out the full project, and some more of her work here

Poka, Animator 🇬🇭

Very creative Valentine’s Day piece in our opinion. One of the best we have seen out of the sea of cliche posts. Poka seems to be cooking a lot more films and cool animated stuff. Check out more of his work here.

The Redeemer by Poka

Fanny Dissirama, Illustrator. 🇬🇭 🇺🇸

For Black History Month this year, Fanny decided to engage the female illustration community in a black hair illustration challenge with prompts. The results are just amazing to watch, and also an avenue for the discovery of dope black female illustrators all over.

Check out the series and some more of her work here.

Jay Ribas, Digital Creator 🇩🇪 🇬🇭

This dude just wakes up and makes unreal stuff with Unreal engine, some other 3D magic tools, and of course his creative superpowers. We love this short cinematic interstellar reel he made. Let’s kidnap him and make him produce a full movie 😂 we’ll get Elon to sponsor.

Check out more of his work here.

Kanso, Animation Director 🇳🇬 🇳🇱

The valentine’s Day posts are not done. There’s one last piece that caught our eye. It’s a fun to watch CG ad featuring Kanso himself, dashing money to all his family and friends except me 😢

Anyway, check out more of his stuff here


Yebsketch, Digital Illustrator 🇬🇭

Check out the project and some more of his work here.

Adeola Ariyo, Digital Illustrator, Designer 🇳🇬

Nothing much to say about this one. Her recent animated loops are just straight-fire. Her illustrations are beautiful as well.

Don’t believe me? Check out her work here

Joshua Cleopas, Creative Director 🇬🇭

My English has finished for this one, but I hope the thumbnails are convincing enough for you to check out this beautifully executed identity work by Joshua.

Check out the full project here.

That’s all for today! hopefully, you found a new favorite creative to follow from this list. If you didn’t, I have good news for you, come back same time next month for a new list, and hopefully you’ll find “the one” *wink wink*

Now run along and have a great day!

Probably Generated by Sora. JK. lol

If you’re a creative person reading this, we’re building something cool for you.

Otherwise, run along and have an awesome June. See ya next month!

The Creative Beans Magazine is a Squid Mag initiative aimed at highlighting top talent in Africa doing dope stuff. Check out our website for more awesome stuff we’ve built to help the creative industry.

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