Unleash Your Creativity in the African Fan Art Challenge with the Jungleman

June 22, 20243 min read

Calling all South Africa, Nigeria, and DRC Congo artists in the Jungleman art challenge! Here’s your chance to shine in the African Fan Art Challenge and win $250. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, this is your opportunity to showcase your talent and passion for African culture.

Entries for the challenge close at midnight on July 25th, 2024, so don’t miss out on your shot at the prize. To participate, simply email info@tustudiosafrica.com to receive the brief and get started on your masterpiece.

Jungleman is a majestic hybrid superhero, birthed in chaos and loss, a war machine leading an insurgence against alien forces and extraterrestrials threatening Earth’s existence.

According to the creators, “JUNGLEMAN, a once-majestic silverback gorilla, finds himself thrust into an unforeseen destiny as the world grapples with the chaos of impending war and an otherworldly invasion. Transformed by extraterrestrial beams into a hybrid creature, part man and part gorilla, JUNGLEMAN emerges from the ashes of his sanctuary with newfound abilities and an unwavering sense of purpose.

In the face of global turmoil, JUNGLEMAN becomes an unexpected hero, symbolizing hope and resilience. Gifted with extraordinary powers, he rises to the challenge, using his unique abilities to thwart destruction and pave the way for a lasting era of peace.

The epic saga of JUNGLEMAN unfolds against the backdrop of impending doom, showcasing the emergence of an unanticipated savior in the form of a creature whose origins lie in the heart of Africa. As the world teeters on the brink, Jungleman stands as a testament to the idea that even in the face of extraterrestrial adversity, unforeseen heroes can emerge to save humanity from its impending demise.”

Jungleman: The Battle of Jozi comic book cover.

After rehabilitation at a secretive UN facility in San Francisco, Jungleman emerges into the vociferous theatre of war known as the Battle of Jozi in Johannesburg. Here, amidst the looming threat of extraterrestrial machines and the manipulative grip of Zaza, leader of a fierce rebel force, stands General Tau, once a patriot now controlled by sinister forces.

Jungleman physical comic book
Jungleman Hardcopy

As Jungleman, shaped by the global UN forces, prepares for battle, his primal strength and determination are unleashed. With the world holding its breath, the countdown to the epic clash begins, intertwining Jungleman’s fate with that of nations. Brace yourself for a gripping saga of power, pride, and sacrifice as the Chronicles of Jungleman unfold.

Join us in celebrating African art and creativity! Let your imagination run wild with the Jungleman and stand a chance to win big.

Unleash your inner beast🦍🦍!

Jungleman – Battle of Jozi is available for digital download below. 

Learn more about Jungleman and stay in the loop over at this website, https://jungleman.shop.

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