Picture this. You’re in a dungeon filled with rows and rows of comic books with a gun pointed to your head. Your crime, we do not know. But we do know your only way out is to pick out a great comic book the villain would enjoy. Oh, and in 30 seconds.

How do you save yourself?

For us, it’s all on the cover. There isn’t sufficient time to look up reviews and what not to determine if we’d like it. The comic book cover, however, now that’s something special.

Every November since 2016, we’ve dedicated the month to showcasing our favourite African comic book covers, chiefly to celebrate the growth of the African comic book scene and to encourage and promote those titles.

This year has seen quite a number of comic book releases and along with them, dazzling covers. We’ve put together some of our favourites below. We would have loved to show them all but that would  make this post too long. While we couldn’t publish this post in November and we’re already in December, we figured, better later than never. Right?

Less talk and more art – enjoy!

Note: the covers below are listed randomly and in no ranking order.

1. Trinity Red October

2. Mulatako

cover of Mulatako by Reine Dibussi

3. Jember (cover by Stanley Stanch Obende)

4. Showdown: Chaos Rising (cover Alexander Rudewerks Ighoja)

5. Eru (cover by Tobe Ozeogu)

6. Trials of the Spear (cover by Dominic Oziren)

7. Rovik (cover by Salim Busuru)

8. Anarchy (comic cover by Dotun Akande)

Anarchy comic cover by Dotun Akande

9. Kugali Anthology – Raki Edition

10. Olwatuuka (cover by Louis Lubega)

11. Itan

12. Razor Man (cover by Bill Masuku)

13. Sector Comics Anthology

14. Kariba

This was a really hard list to make considering all the wonderful comics released this year. What other comics should we have included? Tell us in the comments or share with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn

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